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When it comes to shopfitting, Perth-area business owners require expertise, experience, and access to cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique requirements. At ADP Store Fixtures, we are proud to offer retail display solutions ranging from plank wall grooved wall systems to clothes racks, slotted display systems, and a great deal more.

Why Shopfitting in Perth Matters

Whether you are creating a clothing boutique, an office supply store, will be catering to the needs of chefs and food professionals, or something else, it is vital that you have a way to create eye-catching displays that entice your customers while highlighting your wares.

Without the right solutions for shopfitting, Perth-area businesses lack the means to build awareness with customers, or even make their wares easily accessed. From clothes racks to POS displays, it is about more than aesthetic arrangement – it’s about forging a connection with your target customer.

At ADP, we offer a range of shopfitting solutions, store fixtures, visual merchandising displays, wall mount systems, and more. Each of our retail display systems can be customised to meet any needs in terms of style, design, size, and scale. Browse our shopfitting categories and explore our innovative solutions to learn how we can meet your needs and help you exceed customer expectations.

Popular Shop Fitting Product Categories

Australia’s most popular shop fitting grooved wall system, stocked in a range of colours and with a huge selection of slatwall fittings for all retail display situations.


You’ll love the functionality of our premium metal retail shelving system, designed for heavy-duty merchandising and retail displays.


Full range of all your common shop fitting clothing racks at importer-direct pricing.


All the little sign clips, ticket frames, data strip, etc… that provide visual communication at the point-of-sale.


A range of basic systems for general purpose retail shelving and merchandising.


We think of the retail industry as a constantly evolving universe of changing needs…. Like a journey with numerous destinations on the way to the final goal! What is your goal, if it is not to make a deep, ongoing, meaningful connection with your targeted shopper client that will keep them coming back again and again? You can use our shopfitting products as:

  • Off-the-Shelf merchandising solutions – we aim to give you more choices and better quality shop fitting selections from our store, or
  • Components that will provide the functional framework to support your unique merchandising expression.

The journey is under way, the stakes are high and the rewards can be enormous.

Market Leader in Providing Shop Fitting Functionality and Convenient Retail Displays

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ADP Store Fixtures is a family owned and operated company, which has gone from strength to strength throughout the course of its 28 year history in that our company has grown to become the supplier of Australias largest range of shop fitting products and retail display components.

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