10 Tips for Ideal Product Placement in Your Store

In-store product placement is as much an art as it is a science, and it is a clever way of using your shop fittings to lead the buyer through the space and guide them towards more sales and more interest in repeat business.

As you might guess, it uses a great deal of psychology and seeks to create a desirable path or journey from one area to another within a retail space.

Below are ten tips sure to improve your sales:

  1. Choose shop fittings with adjustable shelves and ensure that many of the most marketable items are positioned at eye height.
  2. Reconsider “end caps”. Many retailers dislike the end cap concept but they can offer a wonderful way to create a grouping, which is a very effective sales method.
  3. Understand co-branding. This is a very basic concept, but with the right shop fittings and shelving it is easily done. Just pair products with fellow products that will create an upsell – wine near bread and cheese, chips with dip, and so on.
  4. Skip the floor-level shelves. There is a saying in marketing and sales – “eye level is buy level,” and you’ll want to be sure you skip the lowest tiers or levels on even the best shop fittings. Go for glass counters that might provide storage space, or use slat walls that erase those out of sight spaces.
  5. “Less is more” still holds true. Cluttering up your space may be appealing to some vendors, but few consumers enjoy rifling through tight areas of overcrowded displays. While you don’t want a Spartan-like display, you want to use your available floor space well.
  6. Group, but not to distraction. Use your shop fittings to make visually appealing groupings, but don’t do it to the degree that your buyers are distracted from other areas.
  7. Think spatially. While leaving plenty of room for shoppers to browse in different segments or areas, also think of visual space around individual products or groups of products. For example, that slat wall mentioned above can make a stunning frame around a limited number of items, essentially highlighting them against an appealing colour.
  8. Floor space for big sellers. The items you anticipate selling easily and most often should be the subject of free standing and floor displays towards the front of the shop to attract the most attention
  9. Front row them. Did you know that poor sellers left to pine at the back of a shop may turn into big sellers if moved to the front? Move something three times before giving up on its marketability.
  10. Use displays and fixtures to encourage remaining in the shop and discourage exiting.

It is not difficult to use quality displays, like those from the ADP Store to create winning and more effective product placements.

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