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New Strategies for Social Distancing in Store Nowadays

Customer guidance systems, also sometimes called queue lines, are becoming much more important in today’s world. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more shopkeepers are looking for ways to keep their customers safe and offer an environment where everyone feels comfortable shopping. Making the most of these systems is going to help your business in a lot of different ways, including protecting and helping your bottom line.

Choose a customer guidance system that works for your shop

While this might seem obvious, there are different types of systems out there, and each has its own benefits.

Consider the best way to direct traffic without disrupting the shopping experience

There is nothing people want less than to be disrupted while they are shopping. Make it safe, but make it simple for the customer, as well.

Consider a few different options

Draw it out on paper if you have to and see how things work in different layouts and formats. This will make it easier for you to choose the right system.

Don’t spend a fortune on a system that might only be temporary

If you are investing in a full-time solution for the long-term, you can go for the high-end. However, if you need a temporary guidance system, shop for those specifically.

Choose a system that offers flexibility

Even if you think that you’re going to leave things as they are, that might change in the future. Save yourself the expense of buying a different system by starting with one that is more versatile.

Talk to a professional about shop fittings and find out what they recommend

Sometimes, the best answers come from asking for assistance. Plus, thanks to their experience, they may have better solutions than you could come up with.

Consider what kind of guidance you need

Some systems work differently from others. You’ll want one that suits the demands of your business or shop.

Make sure that you include spatial considerations, including the appropriate distance between customers, in choosing how big a system to buy

If you want to make it look intentional, choose a stylish guidance system that blends into the aesthetic of your space, and still gives you the crowd control that you need.

Consider unique solutions that could become a conversation piece or a positive instead of looking like a negative aspect of the shop

Ultimately, as long as you are creative about it, you can put customer guidance systems to work to improve the flow of your shop and keep things orderly, giving everyone the best of both worlds.


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