Shelf Management Ideas

5 Functional Shelf Management Ideas for Your Store

Increase Brand Awareness with these Ideas

Shelf management in stores is very important. Retailers naturally want to increase their sales. They look for various ways to make their store more competitive and to provide better products and services for their customers. However, many do not stop to consider the importance of shelf management when it comes to selling. The way the shelves are arranged and managed, and even the types of shelves, can make a difference.

Shelf Management by Placement of Products on the Shelf

Retailers should consider how they are placing the products on their shelving systems. The products should be displayed with the brands facing forward, so they are easy for the customers to see. The shelf management system should also be geared toward more eye-height displays. Products that are on shelves at eye level tend to sell better than products that are lower on the shelves.

Shelf Management by Using Dividers

Another shelf management idea that stores will want to implement is to use shelf dividers or divider rails. Having dividers on the shelves allows retailers to better organize the products on their shelves. Customers will appreciate the organization offered by the shelf dividers, as it will make it easier for them to find the products they want to buy.

Use Pusher Trays/Shelves

To help keep the shelves more organized and to ensure that it is always easy for customers to reach products, consider pusher trays. When one product is taken from the shelf, the system pushes the other products forward, so they are easy to access for the next customer.

Clear Labelling for the Shelves

Even when the brands and product names are facing the customers, it is not always easy for people to find what they need. By placing labeling on the shelves, as well as the aisles, will help make the process of finding products easier. The retail team needs to remember to change the shelf signage when they are bringing in new products. Customers dislike seeing a sticker or sign for one product only to find that the item on the shelf does not match the label.

Improve Organization and Cleanliness

Retailers should make a point to check the organization of the products and the shelves regularly. Customers could put items in the wrong locations. The shelves could become disorganized after they have been picked over by customers. Keeping the area tidy and organized will make it more pleasant for the next shoppers that visit.

It’s important for retailers to ensure they have fully functional and reliable shelving systems for the benefit of their customers, and ultimately their sales. These are a few of the methods that you can use for your retail store to help improve your shelf management. Of course, shelf management is easier when using high-quality, durable shelving systems and units.

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