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Liquor Store Shelving

So, you are looking at selecting new shelving for your Liquor Store? Maybe you are looking to give your store a refresh by replacing old, inefficient displays. Alternatively, you have a brand new lease secured or are opening a Liquor Store in a greenfields new site. Exciting times…

1. Types of Liquor Shelving

Let’s start by taking a look at the popular shelving types available for your Liquor Store. The two most popular types of shelving for Liquor Stores are Gondola Shelving and Long Span Shelving.

Long Span Shelving

A system that has a fixed end frame on each end that is connected by shelf beams. The shelf sits on the shelf beams, and is available in a choice of wire or timber. 


·        –Heavy-Duty Liquor Store Shelving option
-Accessible from both sides

Not So Good:

-Shelf Beams can take up valuable shelf height
-Not flexible with shelf widths 

longspan shelving for liquor store shelving

Gondola Shelving

This does not have a fixed end frame like Long Span Shelving. It is available in single sided (usually for wall shelving or end bays) and double sided (for floor or aisle shelving). Whatever the configuration, the basic design principle consists of a vertical column (or upright), connected to a base leg at the bottom. The uprights are then connected to each other by a brace, from where they are then enclosed with back panels and shelves added.

With Gondola Shelving, shelves are connected to the upright on shelf brackets. ADP shelf brackets are often available to enable the shelf to be either flat or sloping position, and do not impede much with the usable shelf space. 

In Liquor Stores, ADP supplies Gondola Shelving with heavy-duty zinc coated wire shelves. Wire shelves help to prevent dust build-up on the shelves, and are also protected from corrosion.


-Space efficient shelf design.

-Heavy-duty wire shelf. 

-Flexible, modular system with a wide range of sizes

Gondola Shelving for liquor store shelving

   2. Load Rating

Especially in Liquor Stores, the capacity of your shelving system is critical. An uncertified or poor quality shelving system could have disastrous consequences for both you and your customer if it were to fail.

For Liquor Stores, our recommendation is to choose a Shelving System that is proven and tested for use in Liquor Stores. Also choose a reputable manufacturer that is experienced with the safety requirements of Australian stores.

ADP Gondola Shelving is available with an ‘Outrigger’ option. This option is popular with Liquor Stores, and ensures that the shelf has maximum capacity at the front and back of the shelf. 

   3. Security

Theft is an unfortunate reality for most liquor store owners. Store staff must constantly remain vigilant, and even then there is a chance that they will be distracted or even directly harassed, allowing the opportunistic thieves to make off with valuable alcohol merchandise. You can also check
here how store layout can help prevent shoplifting.

If left unchecked, theft can have a devastating impact on a stores’ profitability. We have heard examples of stores where theft is calculated in the $1000’s per day.

So what has that got to do with your Liquor Store shelving?

While there are other solutions to minimise theft (e.g. tagging, entrance gates, camera’s etc.), some Liquor Shelving systems are now available with integrated Lockable Glass Doors. By designing effective theft deterrent solutions into your new store or shelving upgrade, just like this
project at Wheatsheaf Hotel
, you can save potentially save thousands of $ in both capital and overhead costs.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your valuable spirits are protected behind a Lockable Sliding Glass Door solution. 

security liquor store shelving

  4. End Bays

It is no secret that the end bays on Gondola Shelving are the most valuable real estate in your favourite Supermarket. Does that apply to Liquor Stores? Absolutely!

What options does your shelving supplier offer to maximise the use of end bays? Some of the options available for end bays include Radius Wire End Bay Shelves, Flat End Bays) Enclosed Side Panels, Side ‘Wings’ (with product display on 3 x sides) or even a completely customised end bay solution, designed just for your store!

Our favourite would have to be the Radius Wire End Bay Shelves though.

Radius end shelve liquor store shelving
delivery for liquor store shelving

   5. How Do I Order?

Once you have confirmed what type of Liquor Shelving you require, and that it meets your specifications, of course the next thing you need to ask yourself is
‘How do I make it happen’?

Some Liquor Store Shelving suppliers offer a Store Design service. In some cases, ADP can provide a floorplan and even 3D Images. That way you can be comfortable with how everything is going to look and ensure that you have allowed enough room for things like aisle widths, customer flow, walkways etc.

The next thing is, how soon do you need your Liquor Shelving project completed? If it is within the next few weeks, does the supplier carry shelving stock in Australia?

If you require some customisation for example, lockable doors, some overhead cupboard or a counter, how does the supplier manufacture these items? Are they done in-house in Australia, outsourced or even made overseas? And finally, once the order is completed will you need to arrange your own collection from their warehouse? If not, are you certain that your supplier has included a fixed delivery cost for delivery to your store? Do their delivery options meet your needs?

These are just some of the things to consider for your next Liquor Shelving project, and we hope these points gave you some helpful insights. There are more, but anyone can read this information. Why not reach out to one of our experienced team members and find out what they are and how they apply directly to your store?


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