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5 Ways to Save on Shop Fittings

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5 Ways to Save on Shop Fittings

Visual merchandising is crucial to any retail establishment, which is why it’s so key to ensure your shop fittings are attractive and effective. However, a shop fit can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you want to do it right and in a way that will attract customers to your shop. Here’s five ways to save on shop fittings so that you can get what you need out of your merchandising without dipping deep into the red.

First, you can either pay shop fitters to remove all your existing fittings and strip back to square one before getting started – or you can do it yourself. Yes, it means some good old-fashioned hard work but you don’t have to demolish your own shop – just refit a section at a time, and you’ll likely be able to handle removing your old fittings yourself.

There’s a second benefit to doing the demolition yourself. You can sell your old fittings to dealers who refurbish them and then sell them second-hand. The money you get back could be put back into your budget – this helps you buy better-quality fittings overall.

And make no mistake: you need to go for quality on your new fittings. It’s a false economy in the short-term to buy those inexpensive shop fittings if you’re going to be ordering replacements every few months – you might as well invest in a slightly more expensive fit that will last considerably longer. It’s likely that a decision such as that will pay for itself in no time.

However, even before that you’ll need to ensure that you’ll have enough time for everything to arrive for your scheduled fitting. If you’re ordering from several different suppliers, planning anywhere from three to four weeks ahead will give everyone enough time to get organised. Meanwhile, you won’t have to pay for rush shipping if you don’t leave any components to the last minute.

Meanwhile, you can save yourself even more if you’re close enough to your supplier to simply pick up the unassembled fittings yourself. Delivery costs can be prohibitive, especially if you’re receiving an awfully big shop fit. However, even if you hire a truck in order to have enough space to haul the new shop fittings back to your retail store you might still be coming out ahead of the game when it comes to cost.

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