Wine store shelving in Australia

A Liquor Store Owner’s Guide to Shop Fittings

Whether you’re just setting up your first shop or you are renovating your existing space, you’ll have plenty of options for choosing the best shop fittings. Of course, all that selection can make it difficult to know what will work best and which new products might be better than old shelving and stocking options. Here’s a short guide to help you really put some thought into choosing your own shop fittings.


Consider the Space

This phase is easier if you grab some paper and make a rough sketch. Take a minute to look around your shop space. How much room do you have? Where is the door in relation to the cash register area? How can you set up a shoppable liquor store without blocking visibility or hindering security?

Universal shelving kits are great for flexible shop layouts. These wire shelves come in a variety of heights and widths, and they include optional wheels so that you can move them as needed. Of course, wire racks might not be the best option for a liquor store. It can look cheap, and it may not be durable enough to hold the heavy bottles. There is plenty of flat shelving available, however, to hold all the weight that you need.

If you have items to highlight or want to create a display space, merchandising stands are available in unique designs to really get people’s attention. You don’t want to fill your store with these, but one or two could make a big impression. Alternatively, you can use these for your high-dollar items since they are often nicer-looking fixtures.

Don’t forget your cool room space. Here, you’re not as worried about style, but you will want to make sure that you choose shelving that is functional, durable, and maximises your storage space. Sturdy shelving is a must, and composite material is better than metal in a cold environment.


Gondola Bays

Of course, no store is complete without at least one gondola bay. These are available in slat wall panels, for hanging displays, or flat finishes. There is also a range of sizes available. Map out your space and measure how much gondola area you want to create so that you can buy the right size bay.


Other Considerations

If you have unusual items or need additional space, make sure that you check out the available shop components and accessories like shelf extensions, shelf brackets, tubing posts, and more. With a little know-how and a rough sketch, you’ll have the perfect shop fittings in no time.

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