An Update From ADP Store Fixtures

Supply chain

What does your supply chain look like?

The year that was…

For many, the year 2021 will be remembered as one of the most volatile and disruptive in terms of the global supply chain. Wildly fluctuating demands, factory shutdowns, and shipping shortages combined to wreak havoc on even the most advanced supply chains worldwide.

As a result, virtually every business model has been forced to rethink its operations. Previously popular strategies to optimise efficiency, such as lean and just-in-time are no longer adequate to meet the challenges of an unstable supply chain. Where the price was previously a major driver in most buying decisions, stock availability is now the key factor in helping many companies to select their preferred supplier.

In Stock + In House = Fast

In early 2021 ADP Store Fixtures made two key commitments that served to minimise disruption to our loyal client base.

  1. Commit to increasing Australian stockholding of popular S-Mart Shelving range by 200%.
  2. Invest in existing Australian joinery facility with the purchase of automated CNC machinery.

In Stock

During 2021, the average lead time for ex-factory (China and SE Asia) almost doubled from 10-12 weeks to in excess of 25 weeks. In the retail industry, delays of this magnitude create added cost pressures such as: 

  • Paying rent on stores that are unable to open.
  • Difficulties with hiring staff due to unpredictable store opening dates.
  • Limitations on rapidly securing an attractive site that becomes available.

For its Australian warehouses, ADP Store Fixtures recently doubled its stockholding of selected product ranges including S-Mart Gondola Shelving. This enabled clients to retain the flexibility to deploy sites with reduced risk of being impacted by delays to retail fixture deliveries.

In House

Did you know that ADP Store Fixtures operates its own in-house joinery facility? Located in Western Australia, our joinery facility incorporates the latest automated machinery and employees skilled local tradespeople. Our facility produces a range of specialised retail joinery such as Counters, Glass Display Cases, Supermarket Joinery and much more.

What does your Supply Chain look like?

In any industry, no less in the world of retail fitouts, it is a great idea to map out your supply chain. Often, this means digging deep and you will uncover a raft of information on not only your direct supplier (1st tier), but also 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers and even the entire distribution process.

This mapping process should then allow you to categorise suppliers as low, medium or high risk. This should take into account the impact on your revenue if a particular sector experiences a delay or shutdown. Could your business ride out the issue, or would it be forced to take drastic action?

Example 1: In 2021, we saw a critical disruption to the Australian supply of white carcass board used in almost all locally manufactured cabinets. For Australian cabinet makers, while the 1st tier supplier (board manufacturers) were operating normally, supply of a critical ingredient used to produce the laminate surface was impacted by severe restrictions to supply out of Europe and Asia. 

New Product: Black Gondola Shelving

black gondola shelving for shelving need

ADP Expands Range of S-Mart Black Gondola Shelving

ADP’s S-Mart range of metal gondola shelving is becoming established as Australia’s preferred brand of retail shelving solution. With a stylish European-based design, S-Mart helps to enhance the in-store presentation of stores in many different retail sectors.
It’s hard to believe that it is only two years since we first offered S-Mart Shelving with the ‘Matt Black’ colour option. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and adds that extra touch of class to your store display.

New Release Black Gondola Shelvingblack gondola shelving
With the success of the initial range of S-Mart black gondola shelving, our latest releases make more bay configurations available in this popular colour. Some of these updates include:

• Slatwall Backpanels (665 and 914mm bays).
• New gondola shelving design Mesh Backpanels.
• Now available with 300 and 370mm shelf options.
• Corner Shelving Bays in Matt Black.

Existing S-Mart Gondola Shelving Configurations
You can find our S-Mart range of Black gondola shelving in a selection of sizes to suit all store sizes and designs. The most popular shelving bays are:

Bay Lengths: 665, 914 and 1000mm
Shelf Depths: 300, 370, 470 and 570mm*
Bay Heights: 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400mm

Single and Double Sided Bays are available.

*Not all shelf depths are available with all bay length configurations. View available options online or call 1800 642 366 for more information.

With these S-Mart new gondola shelving configurations and many more available in black, you can create the perfect combination of retail shelving for your store. Gondola shelving is perfect for Liquor stores, convenience, hardware, automotive accessories and will suit many more store design concepts.

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss shelving for your retail store.

5 (Other) Things to Look For When Choosing Shelving For Your Liquor Store

shelf management for liquor store

Liquor Store Shelving

So, you are looking at selecting new shelving for your Liquor Store? Maybe you are looking to give your store a refresh by replacing old, inefficient displays. Alternatively, you have a brand new lease secured or are opening a Liquor Store in a greenfields new site. Exciting times…

1. Types of Liquor Shelving

Let’s start by taking a look at the popular shelving types available for your Liquor Store. The two most popular types of shelving for Liquor Stores are Gondola Shelving and Long Span Shelving.

Long Span Shelving

A system that has a fixed end frame on each end that is connected by shelf beams. The shelf sits on the shelf beams, and is available in a choice of wire or timber. 


·        –Heavy-Duty Liquor Store Shelving option
-Accessible from both sides

Not So Good:

-Shelf Beams can take up valuable shelf height
-Not flexible with shelf widths 

longspan shelving for liquor store shelving

Gondola Shelving

This does not have a fixed end frame like Long Span Shelving. It is available in single sided (usually for wall shelving or end bays) and double sided (for floor or aisle shelving). Whatever the configuration, the basic design principle consists of a vertical column (or upright), connected to a base leg at the bottom. The uprights are then connected to each other by a brace, from where they are then enclosed with back panels and shelves added.

With Gondola Shelving, shelves are connected to the upright on shelf brackets. ADP shelf brackets are often available to enable the shelf to be either flat or sloping position, and do not impede much with the usable shelf space. 

In Liquor Stores, ADP supplies Gondola Shelving with heavy-duty zinc coated wire shelves. Wire shelves help to prevent dust build-up on the shelves, and are also protected from corrosion.


-Space efficient shelf design.

-Heavy-duty wire shelf. 

-Flexible, modular system with a wide range of sizes

Gondola Shelving for liquor store shelving

   2. Load Rating

Especially in Liquor Stores, the capacity of your shelving system is critical. An uncertified or poor quality shelving system could have disastrous consequences for both you and your customer if it were to fail.

For Liquor Stores, our recommendation is to choose a Shelving System that is proven and tested for use in Liquor Stores. Also choose a reputable manufacturer that is experienced with the safety requirements of Australian stores.

ADP Gondola Shelving is available with an ‘Outrigger’ option. This option is popular with Liquor Stores, and ensures that the shelf has maximum capacity at the front and back of the shelf. 

   3. Security

Theft is an unfortunate reality for most liquor store owners. Store staff must constantly remain vigilant, and even then there is a chance that they will be distracted or even directly harassed, allowing the opportunistic thieves to make off with valuable alcohol merchandise. You can also check
here how store layout can help prevent shoplifting.

If left unchecked, theft can have a devastating impact on a stores’ profitability. We have heard examples of stores where theft is calculated in the $1000’s per day.

So what has that got to do with your Liquor Store shelving?

While there are other solutions to minimise theft (e.g. tagging, entrance gates, camera’s etc.), some Liquor Shelving systems are now available with integrated Lockable Glass Doors. By designing effective theft deterrent solutions into your new store or shelving upgrade, just like this
project at Wheatsheaf Hotel
, you can save potentially save thousands of $ in both capital and overhead costs.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your valuable spirits are protected behind a Lockable Sliding Glass Door solution. 

security liquor store shelving

  4. End Bays

It is no secret that the end bays on Gondola Shelving are the most valuable real estate in your favourite Supermarket. Does that apply to Liquor Stores? Absolutely!

What options does your shelving supplier offer to maximise the use of end bays? Some of the options available for end bays include Radius Wire End Bay Shelves, Flat End Bays) Enclosed Side Panels, Side ‘Wings’ (with product display on 3 x sides) or even a completely customised end bay solution, designed just for your store!

Our favourite would have to be the Radius Wire End Bay Shelves though.

Radius end shelve liquor store shelving
delivery for liquor store shelving

   5. How Do I Order?

Once you have confirmed what type of Liquor Shelving you require, and that it meets your specifications, of course the next thing you need to ask yourself is
‘How do I make it happen’?

Some Liquor Store Shelving suppliers offer a Store Design service. In some cases, ADP can provide a floorplan and even 3D Images. That way you can be comfortable with how everything is going to look and ensure that you have allowed enough room for things like aisle widths, customer flow, walkways etc.

The next thing is, how soon do you need your Liquor Shelving project completed? If it is within the next few weeks, does the supplier carry shelving stock in Australia?

If you require some customisation for example, lockable doors, some overhead cupboard or a counter, how does the supplier manufacture these items? Are they done in-house in Australia, outsourced or even made overseas? And finally, once the order is completed will you need to arrange your own collection from their warehouse? If not, are you certain that your supplier has included a fixed delivery cost for delivery to your store? Do their delivery options meet your needs?

These are just some of the things to consider for your next Liquor Shelving project, and we hope these points gave you some helpful insights. There are more, but anyone can read this information. Why not reach out to one of our experienced team members and find out what they are and how they apply directly to your store?

The 5 Best Shop Fittings for Liquor Stores

Bottle of wines on wine rack liquor store

Best Shop Fittings for your Liquor Store

While there are similarities between operating a liquor store and operating other types of stores, there are some differences, as well. Most of the products in liquor stores, such as bottles, are heavy but fragile. Some items are very expensive and need to be safeguarded. Store owners and managers need to be sure they are choosing the right shop fittings for their liquor store. Below are five of the top shop fittings for use in these stores.

Wire Shelving Units

Various types of wire shelving units could be helpful to the liquor store. These types of units can hold a range of different types of products that might be sold at the liquor store, mainly alcohol products. These systems will often have optional castors. These can be added to the shelving units to ensure they are easy to move to a different location in the store.

Gondola Shelving Bays

Gondola shelving bays are high-quality, durable shelving systems that will provide a substantial amount of retail space with a relatively small footprint. These bays are available in black and white, so finding a solution that will fit the look of the liquor store should be easy. Additionally, there are different sizes available. These are a good solution for liquor stores because their systems can handle a lot of weight.

Data Strips/Pricing Strips

To easily indicate the product price, barcode, deals, etc. data strips are a good solution. There are various types of data strips including flat and angled strips that can be used on the shelves. The use of these strips makes it easier for retailers to ensure their products are organized and displayed properly in the right locations. They are better than adhesive labels, which can peel away and leave unwanted marks.

Wine Displays

There are many types of wine displays available, including circular displays. These have the advantage of providing space for a large number of wine bottles while taking up little space in the store.

Coolroom Shelving

Another fitting that might be beneficial to a liquor store is coolroom shelving bays. These shelves could be used in any part of the store. They are especially helpful for those who may have a backroom that is refrigerated and where they keep certain products chilled.

These are some of the best liquor store fittings available today. When outfitting your own store, make sure you consider the size of your store and the type of atmosphere you want to evoke for the customers. It will help you understand what type of shop fittings you should get for your space.

Are you ready to upgrade your displays with attractive, affordable retail shelving designed to help you increase revenue? If you are, then contact us today to discuss your project with an ADP Store Fixtures store designer.

5 Functional Shelf Management Ideas for Your Store

Shelf Management Ideas

Increase Brand Awareness with these Ideas

Shelf management in stores is very important. Retailers naturally want to increase their sales. They look for various ways to make their store more competitive and to provide better products and services for their customers. However, many do not stop to consider the importance of shelf management when it comes to selling. The way the shelves are arranged and managed, and even the types of shelves, can make a difference.

Shelf Management by Placement of Products on the Shelf

Retailers should consider how they are placing the products on their shelving systems. The products should be displayed with the brands facing forward, so they are easy for the customers to see. The shelf management system should also be geared toward more eye-height displays. Products that are on shelves at eye level tend to sell better than products that are lower on the shelves.

Shelf Management by Using Dividers

Another shelf management idea that stores will want to implement is to use shelf dividers or divider rails. Having dividers on the shelves allows retailers to better organize the products on their shelves. Customers will appreciate the organization offered by the shelf dividers, as it will make it easier for them to find the products they want to buy.

Use Pusher Trays/Shelves

To help keep the shelves more organized and to ensure that it is always easy for customers to reach products, consider pusher trays. When one product is taken from the shelf, the system pushes the other products forward, so they are easy to access for the next customer.

Clear Labelling for the Shelves

Even when the brands and product names are facing the customers, it is not always easy for people to find what they need. By placing labeling on the shelves, as well as the aisles, will help make the process of finding products easier. The retail team needs to remember to change the shelf signage when they are bringing in new products. Customers dislike seeing a sticker or sign for one product only to find that the item on the shelf does not match the label.

Improve Organization and Cleanliness

Retailers should make a point to check the organization of the products and the shelves regularly. Customers could put items in the wrong locations. The shelves could become disorganized after they have been picked over by customers. Keeping the area tidy and organized will make it more pleasant for the next shoppers that visit.

It’s important for retailers to ensure they have fully functional and reliable shelving systems for the benefit of their customers, and ultimately their sales. These are a few of the methods that you can use for your retail store to help improve your shelf management. Of course, shelf management is easier when using high-quality, durable shelving systems and units.

10 Tips for Using Customer Guidance Systems

Guidance system

New Strategies for Social Distancing in Store Nowadays

Customer guidance systems, also sometimes called queue lines, are becoming much more important in today’s world. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more shopkeepers are looking for ways to keep their customers safe and offer an environment where everyone feels comfortable shopping. Making the most of these systems is going to help your business in a lot of different ways, including protecting and helping your bottom line.

Choose a customer guidance system that works for your shop

While this might seem obvious, there are different types of systems out there, and each has its own benefits.

Consider the best way to direct traffic without disrupting the shopping experience

There is nothing people want less than to be disrupted while they are shopping. Make it safe, but make it simple for the customer, as well.

Consider a few different options

Draw it out on paper if you have to and see how things work in different layouts and formats. This will make it easier for you to choose the right system.

Don’t spend a fortune on a system that might only be temporary

If you are investing in a full-time solution for the long-term, you can go for the high-end. However, if you need a temporary guidance system, shop for those specifically.

Choose a system that offers flexibility

Even if you think that you’re going to leave things as they are, that might change in the future. Save yourself the expense of buying a different system by starting with one that is more versatile.

Talk to a professional about shop fittings and find out what they recommend

Sometimes, the best answers come from asking for assistance. Plus, thanks to their experience, they may have better solutions than you could come up with.

Consider what kind of guidance you need

Some systems work differently from others. You’ll want one that suits the demands of your business or shop.

Make sure that you include spatial considerations, including the appropriate distance between customers, in choosing how big a system to buy

If you want to make it look intentional, choose a stylish guidance system that blends into the aesthetic of your space, and still gives you the crowd control that you need.

Consider unique solutions that could become a conversation piece or a positive instead of looking like a negative aspect of the shop

Ultimately, as long as you are creative about it, you can put customer guidance systems to work to improve the flow of your shop and keep things orderly, giving everyone the best of both worlds.

How to Use Slat Walls and Display Hooks Effectively

slatwall and display hooks for stores

Slatwall and Display Hooks

There are so many different types of display out there and just as many different ways to use them. If you’re looking for a way to get people’s attention, though, you have to find the absolute best way to arrange items in your shop. No matter what type of shop you have or what you’re selling, how you show it off will make all the difference. To capitalize on your real estate, slatwalls and display hooks offer a great choice. Not only do they look great for displaying items, but they also give you more retail space than you’d get with freestanding displays.

To learn more about how to use slat walls and display hooks in your shop, consider the following tips:

1. Take advantage of the different types of hooks available and their various uses

You can find hanging rails, peg hooks, straight hooks, frame hooks, waterfall hangers, and more. Shelves and bins are great but hooks really allow you to highlight items and save real estate at the same time.

2. Speaking of saving space, choose hooks that don’t take over your entire wall

There are a lot of sizes out there to choose from and you should be looking for something that provides the attention that you need without overdoing it. Plus, you don’t want to waste valuable real estate on a hook that might be unnecessary.

3. Don’t go for a full wall of hooks

This can cause your items to get lost and it can look unnecessarily cluttered, which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do. Choose and use hooks sparingly, to highlight items, because that’s the whole point of getting people’s attention with your displays. They must be functional, but they must also be eye-catching. Clutter isn’t appealing to anyone.

4. Make sure that you follow the appropriate user instructions

Buy the hooks that are designed to hold the items that you are trying to display. There is nothing worse than buying the wrong hooks or trying to put something on display only to have it fall because the hooks aren’t designed for what you have in mind.

Slat walls and display hooks give you the chance to free up floor space and still show off a lot of different products in unique ways. Take advantage of that when you are upgrading your shop fittings and considering a renovation of your floor space because the walls can do a lot more than you might realize. With the affordability and variety available, slat walls and hooks for displays are a great choice for any shop.

5 Genius Ways to Optimise Your Retail Store’s Floorspace

floor space of retail shop

The biggest benefit that you could give your retail store is to have an appropriate floor plan and layout that is most conducive to your intended shopper. People have different needs and expectations depending on the type of store that they are in, of course, so that may come into account when you are planning your new design. If you truly want to make the most of your retail store’s space, consider these five genius hacks for taking your shop floor to the next level.

Change Your Displays

Rather than just rearranging, again, and again, consider investing in your shop with some new displays. There are so many different shop fixtures out there these days and there may be some that you have never seen before. Take the time to look at what’s available and make an investment in your future success by giving people new displays to look at and give your space an upgrade.

Consider the Customer Journey and Mindset

The biggest part of your floor plan needs to be what the customer wants. Ask things like:

  • Are they in a hurry?
  • What items do they need most?
  • Do people like self-serve displays?
  • How will they traverse the store?

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it will be easier to optimize the space.

Slat Walls and Other Off-the-Floor Displays

Free up floor space to give customers more room by using slat walls and display hooks. If you can get your fixtures off the floor, you’ll have more room for people. Take the time to explore different shop fittings, put your layout on paper, and maximize your available real estate by using displays that don’t take up valuable square footage.

Ask Customers What They Want

There is no better way to think like one of your customers than to ask them directly what they want and expect from your business. It’s going to be up to you to consider their input and how much weight you put on it, but it’s definitely information that you can stand to benefit from when rearranging your shop.

Consider Floor Plans Specific to Your Niche

There is already a lot of retail store out there with great floor plans. Take advantage of their experience and success and use it in your own shop. You will find that the layout for a grocery store will be different than the preferred layout for a clothing shop, for example. Make sure that you’re looking at what’s best for your type of shop to get the best results.

Are you ready to upgrade your displays with attractive, affordable retail shelving designed to help you increase revenue? If you are, then contact us today to discuss your project with an ADP Store Fixtures store designer.

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