When enhancing your retail space, the right display cabinet can make all the difference. ADP Store Fixtures, a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality display cabinets in Australia, is all about creating inspiring retail concepts that boost sales, better customer experience, and bolster brand image.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best lockable glass door display cabinet for your store, ensuring your merchandise is not only secure but also showcased elegantly and functionally.


Types of Glass Display Cabinets – Australia

Lockable Glass Cabinets for Retail

Security is a top priority for many retailers selling high-value items. ADP Store Fixtures offers a range of lockable glass door display cabinets that ensure the safety of your merchandise. These cabinets provide an elegant yet secure solution, ideal for showcasing valuable items in your store. Our fully assembled units eliminate any assembly hassles, providing a hassle-free solution that saves you time and ensures a professional presentation.

Lockable Glass Door Sets for Liquor Shelving

For businesses needing lockable liquor shelving, our lockable glass door sets offer a secure and attractive way to showcase your liquor products. These units are perfect for liquor stores, bottleshops, and cellars, providing security and visibility for your inventory. ADP Store Fixtures has the expertise to help you select the right solution.


Custom Glass Display Cases for Your Retail Store

Every retail business is unique, and your display unit should reflect your brand’s distinct look and feel. Whether you’re selling jewellery, giftware, or other valuable products, investing in a high-quality display cabinet is essential for effective visual merchandising. Our expert consultants, with over 20 years of experience in custom-manufacturing commercial display cabinets, can work with you to tailor a solution that matches your requirements and budget.

At ADP Store Fixtures, we take immense pride in our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities – dedicated to custom and modular retail displays. We are a premier destination for custom display cases, providing top-quality solutions at competitive prices.

Delivered assembled, you’ll save time on-site during the fit-out stage, with turnkey LED lighting options available, pre-fitted to Australian standards.


Why Choose Custom Glass Display Cases?


Investing in custom display cases offers a multitude of benefits for your retail business:

  1. Enhanced Organisation: ADP’s custom glass showcases enable your staff to manage inventory and keep track of valuable items efficiently. The clear visibility simplifies the task of identifying misplaced or moved items, bolstering security and reducing the risk of losses. 
  2. Product Emphasis: A glass display case is a powerful tool for highlighting specific products or luxury items, capturing customers’ attention without needing constant salesperson assistance. It allows you to arrange items in a manner that showcases their unique features while keeping them secure and minimising handling. 
  3. Timeless Aesthetics: Glass showcases have long been celebrated as a timeless display choice in retail environments. Their sleek and elegant design seamlessly blends with any interior decor, whether your store boasts an industrial, minimalist, traditional, or contemporary ambience. 

Features of Custom Glass Display Cabinets – Australia

Shape and Size 

ADP Store Fixtures’ glass display units come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to optimise your retail space. Whether you need upright units, towers, or smaller display options like cubes and pedestals, we have a solution to match your visual merchandising plan. We can even custom-make display units to suit your unique requirements.


Proper lighting can make your merchandise stand out. ADP Store Fixtures offers multiple lighting options, including downlights and spotlights, to create a captivating display. We prioritise energy-efficient LED lighting, which not only enhances the presentation of your products but also saves on energy costs.


Consider the functionality of your display cabinet. Do you need storage space, especially for shop counters that double as display units? Mobility is also essential, and our castor-equipped units allow for easy repositioning as stock turnover requires. ADP Store Fixtures ensures that our display cabinets are both practical and functional.


Shelving options vary, and we provide choices of fixed or adjustable shelving. Adjustable shelving offers flexibility, making it easier to rotate stock and adapt to changing product displays.


Finally, consider the colour of your display unit. While silver is a universal choice, ADP Store Fixtures offers sleek black, white, and custom colour options to match your branding. A branded display unit adds a class to your store and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.


Why Collaborate with ADP Store Fixtures?

  • Crafted in Australia for Local Expertise:
    Our display glass cabinets are meticulously designed to cater specifically to the Australian market, ensuring they meet the unique requirements and standards of local businesses. 
  • Ready-to-Install Turnkey Solutions:
    With our custom glass display units, you receive complete turnkey solutions ready for installation, saving you valuable time and effort in setting up your store. 
  • Tailored Bespoke Customisation:
    We offer the option of customisation, allowing you to personalise the shelving systems according to your specific needs, branding, and design preferences. 
  • Supportive Design Collaboration:
    ADP Store Fixtures is committed to providing design support and collaborative efforts to optimise your shelving systems for your space and product display requirements. 
  • Swift Project Delivery with Short Lead Times:
    We recognise the significance of completing projects promptly. Hence, we are dedicated to ensuring fast project supply with short lead times to keep your store operations running smoothly. 
  • Elevate In-Store Profitability:
    Our mission is to maximise your in-store profitability by delivering exceptional retail fixtures that enhance brand perception and elevate the overall customer experience. 
  • Speedy Nationwide Shipping:
    We offer fast shipping services throughout Australia, guaranteeing that your shelving systems reach you promptly and efficiently.
  • Exemplary Craftsmanship and Meticulous Attention to Detail:
    Our glass display cases are meticulously crafted with an unwavering focus on exceptional quality that endures. 
  • Adaptable to Your Specifications:
    Irrespective of your specific requirements, our gondola rack systems are highly adaptable and can be tailored to integrate seamlessly into your store layout. 
  • Cost Savings during the Fit-Out Phase:
    By choosing our ADP glass display cabinets, you can enjoy cost savings during the fit-out stage, optimising your budget while achieving a high-quality store setup. 
  • Robust Build and Stability:
    We prioritise the durability and stability of our shelving systems, ensuring they are solid and reliable, and capable of securely supporting your merchandise. 

In conclusion, when choosing the best lockable glass door display cabinet for your store, ADP Store Fixtures offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect display cabinet that ensures both security and style for your merchandise.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further guidance and to explore our diverse range of display cabinets.



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