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Choosing the Right Display Systems for Your Shop

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Choosing the Right Display Systems for Your Shop

Most retailers don’t have the advantage of selling products people will pick up and purchase the moment they walk in the store.

This may happen from time to time with something extremely popular, but for the most part, you can expect that your customers will walk in and look around before deciding whether or not to spend their hard earned money.

One way to help them make this decision is by ensuring your products are displayed well.

The Two Most Reliable Versions

While we respect that everyone’s store is different, there are two standbys that have proven to be very reliable over the years across industries. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll most likely be best served by using:

  • Slat Wall Display Systems
  • Slotted Display Systems

Let’s take a look at each in more detail.

Slat Wall Display Systems

As the name suggests, these are displays that are made by using slats that run across your walls. These are evenly placed, giving you plenty of options for how to display your products.

All you have to do is then run shelf brackets through them and you can then attach shelves running through your store. Other accessories make it possible to hang clothes from hangers. There are even accessories for displaying hats and other specialty items.

You don’t need to use your walls for this either. There are mobile display units that sit on wheels and can be placed anywhere within your store. They are four-sided walls that leave room for inserting brackets and any of the many accessories available.

For the wall displays, you simply need to have the slatted walls installed first, which is a fairly quick and affordable process. Then you just add your choice of displaying features whenever you like.

Slotted Display Systems

Another popular option that provides a number of ways to display your items is by using slotted stripping systems.

Essentially, these are metal brackets that you can attach to your walls in any patterns you like. As with slat wall display systems, you’ll have all kinds of ways to do this to make the best use of the space available.

You can also change these displays with ease. It’s as simple as removing the brackets (you can do this by hand and without tools) and then replacing them where you like.

These are very common options for clothing stores and kitchenware/homeware shops. However, this type of display system could be leveraged for just about any retail purpose.

Also, just like with slat wall display systems, you can use hangers, shelves and a number of other accessories to accommodate all different types of products. Likewise, you only need to install the permanent hardware first before you apply whichever displaying fixtures you want.

You can’t afford to underestimate the display systems you choose for your retail shop. The quality of the materials used will serve as a direct reflection on your store. Of course, you also need them to properly display your products to increase their chances of being purchased.

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