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Dress Your Mannequins for Success: Visual Merchandising Tips in Perth

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Dress Your Mannequins for Success: Visual Merchandising Tips in Perth

In previous blog articles, we focussed on different elements of visual merchandising as a way to increase customer interest and improve sales. In the world of fashion especially, visual merchandising is an essential tool for selling your products. The way you present your items will have a drastic impact on customer interest. For interesting and dynamic visual merchandising in fashion, one of the most effective tools is the use of mannequins. When used properly, they can highlight the clothes you want people to notice, and make the sales for you!

Begin by drumming up excitement in your store windows. ‘Window shopping’ is a well-known phrase for a reason! People will base their opinion of your shop on what they see in your shop window, so it is important to create a dynamic and interesting window display . Dress you mannequins for success in the newest, most dramatic items that your store carries. Focus on colour, texture and height to create a three-dimensional and arresting window display.

It is incredibly important to dress your mannequins with your customer demographic in mind. You probably already know the types of customers your store caters to, so choose outfits that will appeal to those people. Your visual merchandising should reflect what your target audience desires, and a little more to encourage up-selling!

In fashion, mannequins act as models, providing a catalogue for your customers of what looks good and what to wear with what. Many people who come in to your store may have no idea about how to put fashion pieces together. They might see a great skirt, but put it back on the rack because they have no idea of which top would match. Your mannequins will provide inspiration and ideas. They will also encourage customers to buy the entire outfit, head to toe, rather than just one piece.

As a shop fitter in Perth, we understand the importance of visual merchandising. If you need any advice about which shop fittings are right for your shop in Perth, please contact us!

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