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ADP Store Fixtures is a dynamic one stop shop for all of your shopfitting and display needs. The company appeals to an audience of business owners who wish to have vibrant and appealing visual displays in their shops. ADP Store Fixtures provides shopfitting services that can help your store stand apart from the rest. A large variety of products can give your business the edge that it needs. ADP offers several shopfitting and display ideas to inspire your next business venture.

An Overview of ADP’s Products

ADP Store Fixtures offers some of the most diverse and varied systems, displays, and designs in the country. Find almost anything your business needs as a fixture. All items are customisable and can come as a part of specially priced packages. A breakdown of our most popular offerings include:

  • Euro Merchandising Systems
  • Brochure Display Systems
  • Suspended Cable Systems
  • Showcases & Counters
  • Posters & Signage
  • Grooved Panel Systems
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Racks & Stands
  • Fixture Protection Systems
  • Metal Shelving
  • Liquor Solutions
  • Slotted Tubing Systems
  • Aluminum Joinery Sections
  • Information Holders
  • Wall Systems
  • Customer Guidance Systems
  • Glass Shelving

Services Alongside the Products

Although ADP Store Fixtures supplies a wide variety of products, appliances, fixtures, displays and more, the store also prides itself heavily on its services to go alongside each and every product. By reading the in-depth installation guides and brochures, you can get an idea of how to install each and every product. However, ADP Store Fixtures can help you further. Invest in one of their installation services to watch your store come to life. Professionals can help transform your storefront into an efficient, spacious, dynamic, and multi-dimensional space. Whether it’s levels of shelving for stocking bottles, a four-sided information desk full of pamphlets and brochures, a wall mounted rack for food items, a refrigeration system, convenience store shelving, mobile glass kiosks or more, ADP Store Fixtures can provide and install it all.

ADP Store Fixtures Projects and Specialties

ADP Store Fixtures’ mission is to “provide in-store merchandising functionality to the retail trade, giving shoppers a visual experience by contributing to the ambience and atmosphere which increases customer traffic and makes shopping easy & pleasurable”. To fulfill their mission, ADP Store Fixtures completes affordable, dynamic, classy, and luxurious projects to benefit all store owners in the retail trade. Some of the store’s biggest and most notable projects include:

  • Convenience store shelving. ADP Store Fixtures can provide rows of shelving with square or round curves to make the most out of your convenience store shop’s space. Shelves are custom made out of metal to easily stack chips, snacks, drinks, and more.
  • Liquor store stocking. ADP Store Fixtures offers specialty shelving and display techniques for the sale of alcohol. Large and hefty racks can be made to support the weight and size of expensive alcohol bottles.
  • Not only can ADP Store Fixtures improve your storefront permanently, but can also perform construction and takedown services for showrooms. Some showrooms change products often, and ADP Store Fixtures is there to make an easy setup and takedown. Enjoy a showroom full of expensive products, electronics, brochures, large posters, food products, alcohol, and more.
  • Some of ADP Store Fixtures’ largest projects yet have included the setup of shelving and displays for companies with large warehouses. Warehouses can serve a wide variety of purposes, the most important of which being storage of inventory and stocking. The store can provide rigid shelving that can stack several layers high to provide plenty of space for large boxes, hefty inventory stock, cleaning supplies, and much more. ADP Store Fixtures offers a catalogue of full products and services custom made for your business.

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