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Custom Glass Display Cases for Your Retail Store

At ADP Store Fixtures, we take immense pride in our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities – dedicated to custom and modular retail displays. We are a premier destination for custom display cases, providing top-quality solutions at competitive prices.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we work with shop-fitters, interior designers and retailers to create exceptional custom glass display cabinets and showcases. 

By leveraging ADP’s Australian-based fabrication facilities, you gain certainty in meeting project deadlines while creating tailored solutions for your customers. 

Our razor-sharp attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your glass display cabinet is perfectly crafted, from the size and shape to the finishing touches.

Delivered assembled, you’ll save time on-site during the fit-out stage, with turnkey LED lighting options available, pre-fitted to Australian standards.

Whether you need a glass display cabinet or a showcase with glass doors, we have many options to meet your unique retail display requirements. Our goal is to deliver the best display solution that showcases your products effectively and enhances your store’s overall aesthetic.

We design and create different bespoke display cases like glass doors, glass cabinets, and custom glass showcases with LED lighting based on your space & requirements.

Custom cases can draw the customer’s attention to the items for sale inside. Custom glass display cabinets create more security and transparency for your products and can encourage sales.

Why Choose Custom Glass Display Cases?

Investing in custom display cases offers numerous advantages for your retail business:


Our custom glass showcases allow your employees to manage inventory and efficiently track valuable items. With clear visibility, it becomes easier to identify if any items have been misplaced or moved, enhancing security and minimising losses.

Product Highlighting

A glass display case can effectively highlight specific products or luxury items, capturing customers' attention without needing constant salesperson assistance. It enables you to arrange items in a way that showcases their unique features while keeping them secure and avoiding over-handling.

Timeless Appeal

Glass showcases have long been recognised as a timeless display option in retail spaces. Their sleek and elegant design seamlessly integrates with any interior decor, whether your store has an industrial, minimalist, traditional, or contemporary ambience.

Why Partner with ADP?

Designed in Australia for Local Expertise

Our display glass cabinets are designed specifically for the Australian market, ensuring they meet the unique needs and standards of local businesses.

Turnkey, Ready-to-Install Solutions

With our custom glass display units, you get complete turnkey solutions ready to be installed, saving you time and effort in setting up your store.

Optional Bespoke Customisation

We offer the option of customisation, allowing you to tailor the shelving systems to your specific requirements, branding, and design specifications.

Design Support & Collaboration

ADP Store Fixtures is dedicated to providing design support and collaboration, ensuring that your shelving systems are optimised for your space and product display needs.

Fast Project Supply with Short Lead Times

We understand the importance of timely project completion. That's why we are committed to fast project supply, with short lead times to keep your store running smoothly.

Enhance Your In-Store Profitability

Our mission is to maximise your in-store profitability by providing exceptional retail fixtures that enhance brand perception and improve the customer experience.

Fast Shipping Australia Wide

We offer fast shipping services across Australia, ensuring that your shelving systems reach you promptly and efficiently.

Outstanding Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

Our glass display cases are crafted with exceptional attention to detail and a focus on delivering outstanding quality that lasts.

Adaptable to Fit Your Specifications

No matter your specific specifications or requirements, our gondola rack systems are highly adaptable and can be customised to fit seamlessly into your store layout.

Reduced Costs at the Fit-Out Stage

By choosing our ADP glass display cabinets, you can benefit from reduced costs during the fit-out stage, optimising your budget while achieving a high-quality store setup.

Robust Construction and Stability

We prioritise the durability and stability of our shelving systems, ensuring they are robust and reliable and capable of supporting your merchandise safely and securely.

Custom Display Case Specialists at Your Service

At ADP Store Fixtures, we specialise in creating custom display cases tailored to your store’s specific design. Our team of experts can transform your ideas into reality, regardless of the type of retail space you have. With our extensive experience in delivering shopfitting solutions to various retailers and industries in Australia, we possess the expertise and know-how to cater to all your display needs.

Whether you require a glass display cabinet, glass doors for your cases or a custom glass showcase with LED lighting, we have you covered. We work closely with you to understand your product requirements and available budget, ensuring that the final design meets your expectations and maximises your merchandise’s impact.

In addition to our bespoke display cases, we offer a comprehensive range of shopfitting solutions and accessories. From shelving systems to signage and lighting, we provide everything you need to create a visually stunning and functional retail space.

Speak to us about your unique Glass Display Cabinet requirements


ADP Glass Display Cabinets are backed by our market-leading 5-year warranty. Manufactured using higher than industry standard materials with extra bracing designs, they are engineered for long-term performance and durability. This comprehensive warranty includes structural and coating, giving you peace of mind that your ADP Gondola Shelving System will last for many years to come. ADP Store Fixtures’ products are extensively tested and assessed to meet our customer’s requirements.

For more inspiration, check out our recent projects that benefit from the versatility of implementing Display Cases (Glass) as an indispensable part of their retail repertoire.

Does ADP Store Fixtures Create Custom Shelving for Glass Display Cabinets?

The short answer is Yes, ADP Store Fixtures Creates Custom Shelving for Glass Display Cabinets.

Our team of skilled craftsmen can design and build custom shelving solutions that perfectly fit the dimensions and specifications of your glass display cabinets. Whether you need adjustable shelves to accommodate different product sizes or specialised shelving to showcase specific items, we can create the perfect shelving configuration for your needs.

With our custom shelving options, you can optimise the use of space within your display cabinet, ensuring that every inch is utilised efficiently. This allows you to showcase your products in the most visually appealing and organised manner, enhancing the overall presentation of your merchandise.

We take pride in our ability to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific shelving design in mind or need assistance conceptualising the most effective solution, our team is here to guide you. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, consider your product range, and provide expert recommendations to create a custom shelving system that aligns perfectly with your display objectives.

In addition to custom shelving, ADP Store Fixtures offers a wide range of accessories and enhancements to enhance further your glass display cabinets’ functionality and visual appeal. From lighting options that accentuate your products to locks and security features for added protection, we can incorporate any custom aspect you require.

Maximise Your Store’s Potential with ADP

Our team can help you maximise your store’s potential with a customised display. We will work with you to create a solution that showcases your products and draws customers in. Get started today and see the difference a tailor-made retail display can make.

Got Questions about our Custom Display Cases?

For custom display cases and a wide range of shop fixture needs, ADP Store Fixtures is your go-to destination. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality, outstanding service, and unparalleled attention to detail. Let us help you create a captivating shopping experience for your customers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can elevate your retail displays to the next level.

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