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How Can Good Quality Shop Shelving Help You to Increase Your Sales?

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How Can Good Quality Shop Shelving Help You to Increase Your Sales?

Creating an organised and aesthetically pleasing shop is incredibly important, as we have discussed in our previous blog posts which focused on visual merchandising. One of the most important ways to really showcase your products and create a beautiful buying experience for your customs, is to ensure that your shelving and shop fittings are functional, beautiful and of a high quality. As one of Perth’s premier shop fitters, we have years of experience in creating intelligent shop fitting solutions for any shop. We understand the importance of providing in-store merchandising functionality, to provide your customers with a dynamic visual experience.

Good quality shelving is imperative in creating an effective and functional visual display. Depending on your product, think about using materials such as glass, melamine or metal. For example, ADP’s S-MART metal shelving is the perfect solution for more commercial fit outs, such as large supermarkets and the like. Our S-MART shelving is heavy duty, and combines strength, style and flexibility, using higher than industry standard steel thickness and critical components. Our S-MART shelving range consists of a wide selection of different components, allowing you to customise our product to exactly suit your needs, without the development costs.

We can help you to ensure that your shelving is well-placed and properly arranged, creating a nice ‘flow’ throughout your shop. The placement of your shelving is critical, and by keeping your shelving at eye-level, your products will sell faster due to their visibility. By carefully considering the arrangement of your products, you can help your customers to immediately find the products they are looking for, and you can provide them with as many options as possible. For example, group ‘like with like’ and place as many of these products on your shop shelf without overcrowding. For advice about ways to maximise your shop space with effective and elegant shop fitting solutions, please contact us.



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