The duration of a liquor store fit-out can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the store, licensing requirements, the complexity of the design and layout, the availability of construction materials, and any specific requirements or regulations in your location.

Generally, a liquor store fit-out can take a few weeks to a few months to complete.

 If you are planning, designing, and fitting out a new liquor store or considering a relocation or renovation and fit out for an existing commercial space, it is crucial to have an idea of the expected timeline and understand the key factors that can influence project delivery times.

Creating a successful liquor store requires careful planning and attention to detail, especially regarding the shop fitting process. In this article, we will explore the various factors that can impact the timeline of a successful liquor store project.

Liquor Licensing

A critical step in setting up a new Liquor Store, is obtaining the licensing approvals from the relevant government department in your state. It is important to carefully understanding how liquor licensing requirements will impact your proposed store.

The Liquor Licencing department will look at various factors when considering your application. These include proximity and density of Liquor Stores in the surrounding area, public interest considerations and ensuring that your application complies with the Liquor Licencing Act.

Provided all information is lodged and there are no issues identified during the assessment process, most applications for new liquor licences are finalised in around 3 months. However, for more complex applications or where issues have been identified, approval can take as long as 18 months or even be refused altogether. We recommend engaging a specialist lawyer to help you navigate the approvals process for your new Liquor Store.

However, if you have an existing store with approvals already in place, you are ready to move ahead with your Liquor Store refurbishment.

Design and Building Approvals for Liquor Store Fit-outs

When preparing any commercial space for a shop fit-out, acquiring necessary permits and approvals becomes an essential task. Applications must be submitted to regulatory bodies like local councils, town planning departments, health and safety authorities, or landlords, and it takes time for them to be reviewed and authorised. 

Typically, it requires approximately 4-6 weeks to meticulously prepare and finalise a comprehensive set of construction drawings. Obtaining a building permit may take around 2 weeks while receiving approval from the landlord can take up to 2 weeks. However, in cases involving new construction, an additional 12 weeks may be required to apply for a change of use permit.

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals is a critical step in the shop fitting process.

Complexity of Project and Condition of the Property

As you can expect, the complexity of your project will lengthen (or shorten) the time it takes. To put things into perspective, a small liquor store fit out with very few alterations or permits required may only take 8 weeks from start to finish. 

On the other hand, transforming something like a heritage building into a liquor store would likely take months.  Setting up a new liquor store involves managing complex tasks like installing cool rooms, and security systems, and ensuring delivery accessibility. These aspects can add complexity and time to the project delivery timeline.


Need help visualising your liquor store fit out?

By collaborating with ADP during the design stage, you can work with one company to develop unique, cost-effective retail concepts for your liquor store fit-out.

Availability of Supplies and Trades

All retail fit-out timelines are impacted by the availability of supplies and the tradespersons who complete the fit-out. Beyond the local spheres, there are external factors like trade law changes, price fluctuations, raw material(s) scarcity and interrupted supply chains that can also cause delays.

Setting up a new or refurbished Liquor Store involves co-ordinating a range of services. These include:

  1. Base Build
  2. Coolroom/Refrigeration
  3. Flooring
  4. Ceilings
  5. Electrical – Lighting, Security Systems etc.
  6. Shelving Fixtures
  7. Joinery
  8. Signage

It’s important that each of these processes are carefully managed to ensure the timely completion of your project.

ADP’s Liquor Store Fit-Out Solutions

When it comes to Liquor Stores, ADP Store Fixtures has over 15 years of experience in creating engaging and functional Shelving and Display solutions. Our comprehensive range of standard and custom Liquor Shelving Fixtures means that you have access to a true one-stop-shop when setting up your new Liquor Store.

Our solutions for Liquor Stores includes Liquor Shelving, Coolroom Shelving, Counters, Joinery, LED Shelf Lighting and Accessories. You can simplify your project and deal with one supplier for all your Liquor Fit-Out Requirements.

ADP’s Supply Chain Reliability & In-house Customisation Service

Boasting reliable supply chains, in-stock availability and reduced lead times, ADP is positioned to provide a streamlined and turnkey supply chain experience.

With one point of contact and accountability throughout the process, you can trust ADP to deliver exceptional results for the supply of your store fixtures.

Moreover, ADP Store Fixtures customisation capabilities include the design and installation of custom joinery, metalwork, and other fixtures tailored to your unique needs.



Setting Your Business Up for Success

To ensure a successful shopfitting project, it is crucial to consider your Liquor Shelving and Joinery requirements early in the process. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, optimise the space, and create an inviting environment that enhances your customers’ experience. 

At ADP Store Fixtures, we are committed to providing exceptional shop fitting services for liquor store retailers of all sizes, bottleshops, beer, wine, and spirits stores. Our comprehensive capabilities, including design, supply, and installation, coupled with our reliable supply chain and in-house Australian manufacturing facilities, ensure that your project is delivered efficiently and to the highest standards at all times. 

Contact ADP Store Fixtures today to discuss your Liquor Store needs and embark on a successful journey towards creating the perfect liquor store environment.



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