How Slatwall Displays Make Changing Your Store Layout Easy

If your retail space is becoming crowded with fixtures and shelves and you want a better solution, slatwall displays might be the ideal solution for your needs. Slatwalls aren’t actually walls, rather they are mobile shelving units typically made of a thick wire mesh. Being mobile and lightweight, it’s simple to reconfigure them as often as you need. This gives the option of displaying items of any size. If you are considering options to streamline your store layout, there are numerous benefits to choosing slatwall.


Extremely Versatile

The top reason people choose slatwall is because of its extreme versatility. The fixtures can be attached to any wall in your store to display all sorts of different types of merchandise. Appliances, shoes, clothing and more can be showcased using slatwall, and if you want to change things up, it’s a breeze. Slatwall comes in different finishes, lengths, materials, and groove options to fit your specific needs.


Highly Durable

Slatwall is known for having a long lifespan because it’s made out of materials that are hard to damage. Each panel fits into other panels vertically so you can stack up all the merchandise that you like. This also makes it an affordable solution to your retail fixture requirements. Being lightweight, it can be customised at will to change things up and wow your customers every time they stop in.


Free Up Space

If you have a small space, slatwall can give you the ability to optimise the room, so there’s more room for other displays and foot traffic. If you use only floor displays, you may end up with customers who feel cramped in your store. Slatwall shows off items vertically which is often quicker and more efficient for customers. Slatwall systems are the best option to maximise your floor plan, free up space, and display merchandise on the walls.


Better Organisation & Inventory Control

If organisation and inventory control are things you are concerned about, slatwall is the ideal solution for both. Staff can keep track of merchandise since it’s on the walls to easily replenish items as they get low. Organisation is also simple with slatwall systems and can keep thieves away from your products. The merchandise looks clean and attractive to customers since the clothes can’t be unfolded or moved easily.


If you’re ready to consider adding slatwall to your retail store, the experts at ADP Store Fixtures have the knowledge and expertise to offer just what you need. You can learn more by calling 1800 642 366 or reach us at

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