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How Store Layout Can Help Prevent Shoplifting

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How Store Layout Can Help Prevent Shoplifting

By and large, petty theft is a crime of opportunity. Most of the people who shoplift do it because they know (or think they know) that they can get away with it, not because they’re desperate for another shirt or bag. Because of this, one of the easiest things store owners can do to discourage shoplifting, is to take away opportunities for shoplifters to steal things. There are a few simple ways that this can be accomplished. This article addresses them, but is by no means an exhaustive list

Open space
An open store layout makes it easy to see if someone is acting suspicious, and it will make people who are trying to be nonchalant about trying to steal something, have to work a lot harder. Additionally, keeping your store neat and orderly can actually help prevent theft. When the store is normally very tidy, your employees will be able to tell at a glance whether something is missing or out of place.

Keep valuables out of reach
Small, valuable items like jewelry, watches, cigarettes, small liquor bottles, and electronics are some of the most commonly stolen items, because they’re worth more and easier to hide. You can help prevent these items from being stolen by placing them behind locked glass cabinets or behind a counter.

Signage and security
If your store is having a serious problem with theft, visible security measures like two-way mirrors, security cameras, or a uniformed guard are powerful messages to potential thieves. Although they can also make ordinary customers nervous and they cost more than most of the other measures in this article, these are some of the most powerful anti-shoplifting tools out there.

On a somewhat more mundane note, a simple sign that says, “shoplifters will be prosecuted” can discourage casual thieves!

At ADP Store Fixtures, we offer simple solutions to keep your display stock neat and orderly, as well as offering attractive solutions to display valuables securely. For information about shopfitting solutions we can provide for your Perth business, please contact us now!

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