custom showcases

How to Boost Sales with Custom Showcases

Custom Showcases

Retail establishments of any kind seek to boost the chance of a sale through their displays, and with custom showcases. Moreover, they can improve their retail displays further.

In fact, it can add so much appeal to the retail experience that a sale is almost inevitable. After all, as one expert has said of clever display tactics, “products aren’t arranged that way by accident—the merchant is using visual merchandising best practices to help the products sell themselves.”

Using quality displays and custom showcases is like having a remarkably productive salesperson on hand at all times. It would be best if you know how to choose the cases and how to place them in the most visually effective way.

How It’s Done

Coordinate Your Custom Cases

Remember that the use of displays and showcases is part of your overall visual merchandising system. In order to achieve the maximum results, you have to coordinate them with window displays, the signs you use, the floorplan available, and even the layout of the other displays.

custom showcases

It always begins with your target customer and how they might be attracted to the displays, wander through them as they browse your wares, and even think of them in terms of their synchronicity with your company’s aesthetic.


Grouping is another thing to keep in mind, and it helps to understand the logic of your target audience whenever you use a grouping of products to seek higher sales.

For example, will your customers appreciate a collection of similar items in your custom showcases? Would that give them more of an incentive or inspiration to make the purchase? Would it benefit them to have one place to gaze at the merchandise rather than wandering the store?

Perhaps you cannot group items so closely into single displays but would be better served with category groupings. This might mean things in the same colours, sizes, price range, and so on.

custom showcases

Rule of Three

Some retailers use the rule of three that would rely on three of the same displays offering up three similar groups or categories of wares. Three square towers of items or three free-standing wall showcases with similarly themed items would be ideal examples of how to tidily and yet creatively draw the eye and boost chances of a sale.

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Custom showcases are also a way to attract the eye with everything from corner towers to wall panels available. ADP Store Fixtures is home to many custom displays and showcases and can help you start to create a more effective visual sales strategy that leads to increased sales, no matter what industry or product line.

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