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One of the essential needs, when you are running a retail store, is foot traffic! The more foot traffic you have, the more engagement you will potentially have with your customers, and that engagement is what leads to sales!

So, how do you drive foot traffic to your store? Well, here is the good news, there are quite a few ways that you can improve your traffic, and having effective retail displays is one of them.

Window Displays

Window displays are a great way to grab the attention of people walking by on the sidewalk. Plus, if they are really spectacular, you might even grab a few people that are driving by on the street.

Your displays should look uniform and well put together, and your merchandise should be eye-catching. Stand-alone slatwire mesh could be just the thing you need to get those goods in the window.

Social Media Displays

Social media is one of the best ways to get a lot of eyes on your shop and your products. You can use all sorts of advertisements, sales data, and all-important photos to get people interested in your shop.

Your photos need to look great when you are trying to promote your merchandise. The displays should look organized and well-maintained. Try to keep the photos focused on only one or two particular items to keep them from looking cluttered.

Using a slatwall display can be a great way of showcasing your products. The slatwalls are fully customisable, and they can be set-up in many different colors. This versatility will allow you to create the perfect backdrop for showcasing your merchandise on your social media channels.

Sandwich Boards

A sandwich board on the sidewalk with a clever marketing message is a great way to get people in your shop. However, once they are inside, you need to make sure that whatever you are advertising is easy to find.

A slotted display system can keep all of your merchandise organised and easy to find. The sandwich board will get them in the store, and your shop fittings will make the sale.

Using proper shop fittings will keep your store looking great which will bring in the foot traffic. Make use of your window displays, your curb out front, and the reach of your social media channels to get customers in the door. ADP Retail Merchandising Solutions has all of the displays you need to create a customer-friendly shop.



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