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How to Choose the Right Shop Fitter in Perth

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How to Choose the Right Shop Fitter in Perth

In previous blog articles, we discussed the importance of visual merchandising and good quality shop fittings in enhancing the customer experience in your store. It is incredibly important to select a shopfitter who will contribute to the ambience and atmosphere in your shop, to help to increase customer traffic and create a pleasurable shopping experience. There are many shopfitters in Perth, but how do you choose the best shopfitter for your business?

Choose a shopfitter with a lot of experience. Check out the business’ portfolio to get an understanding of exactly what the company has done before. Go to the showroom if the business has one to see exactly which products the company offers. This is also a great way to get some ideas for your shop! By choosing an experienced shopfitter, you can be assured that the work will be done by a knowledgeable and professional team with excellent attention to detail. 

Word of mouth is very important in a city like Perth. Choose a shopfitter who has maintained an excellent reputation for a high quality of service and standard of detailing.


Communication between you and the shopfitter is crucial in ensuring that you are satisfied with the finished fit-out. Make sure that you set realistic expectations and that you communicate exactly what you want to your shopfitter. The shopfitting team should be easily contactable; communicating before the actual fit-out can save a lot of expense later on. Your shopfitter should also explain exactly what they will do to fit-out your store. That way if the processes are clearly explained to you, you will know exactly what to expect!


At ADP, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and high quality shop fittings for your shop in Perth. We have been operating for over 20 years, and with the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to make your life as a retailer easier and more successful! Please contact us now for more information.

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