How to Choose the Right Shop Fittings for your Business in Perth

Choosing the right shop fittings solution for your shop is incredibly important both for visual merchandising purposes and for customer convenience. The following are some items to think of when establishing a retail display.

What are you Displaying?
The first question that you should ask yourself is how you can best display and highlight your wares. Different shopfitting options allow you to display different products and it is important to choose the right shop fitting solution for what you’re trying to sell. For example, if you need a shopfitting solution for a Perth supermarket, you’ll need a system that allows you to organise and display a large quantity of different products safely and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our S-MART Commercial range of metal shelving is a great option because while it is extremely heavy-duty, it is also stylish and allows you to be flexible in terms of the configuration of your shelving.

Who is your Target Customer?
Your target customer is very important for how you set up your visual merchandising displays and will greatly influence your shopfitting solutions within your store. For example, if your product is high-end fashion, your target customer will be the savvy shopper who expects his or her surroundings to reflect the products for sale; namely luxury. To promote a sense of luxury and elegance, consider installing glass shelving to display your products on. The use of glass shelving in combination with effective lighting throughout your store, will create a number reflective surfaces which increases the ambience of your store! 

What is your Brand Image?
Knowing your brand image is as important as knowing your target customer and this image should be reflected in everything you do, including your shopfitting solution. For example, if your business is hardware (tools etc.), the brand image you’re trying to create  could be that your company simply provides high-quality tools and equipment for tradesmen within a certain area. You’re telling your customers that you know your business and you know their industry, so you can help them find the right tool for the job. In order to create an image of professionalism and knowledge, you need a simple way of displaying your products. A great option is our universal wire shelving. This shelving system is a simple approach to shelving solutions in the retail and industrial arena, and is a great way to create an industrial feel in your shop.

Arrange for Convenience
Whilst it is VERY important for your shop fittings to look great and reflect your brand, it is also very important that they are arranged in such a way to make shopping a pleasurable experience for your customers. For example, position shelving and displays within reach of your customers and ensure that there is sufficient space between display units to allow your customers to freely move around and browse.

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