How to Optimise Your Shop Floor Space for Maximum Impact

It may feel like you are struggling with an uphill battle any time you glance around your store or retail space and wonder how to optimise the floor space to boost sales and create repeat customers. While you might dread moving around the larger shop fittings or un-shelving and then rehanging or reorganizing inventory, experts would tell you that floor space can boost sales substantially, or negatively impact them.

So, how can you optimise the space? Here are a few tips from experts:

Create a navigable path through the store

Can a shopper easily and almost organically wander between glass counters without feeling as if they are “zig-zagging” back and forth or becoming confused? Start at the entry and determine how to map out a visually appealing course. Use all of the surfaces as creatively and effectively as possible, incorporating slatwalls and freestanding shelves to create point-by-point navigation.

Don’t create hurdles

One of the worst mistakes retailers make when placing shop fittings is to create the need for a customer to stop and crouch down to look at something in a case or display. This causes traffic to cease flowing smoothly and can lead to frustration and rapid exits. Create categories and then map out the space needed, eliminating any issues should a shopper have to stop, crouch down, or otherwise halt the flow of movement.

Align layout with the lines of the items

Did you know that you can use shop fittings to layout a floor plan that mirrors or complements the “lines” of the items sold? A straight or grid floor plan would support the angles and lines of garments while a loop would work well with a wine or spirits store. Think of the angles, curves, or feel that any layout would provide, and be sure that it is a good fit for the items sold within such spaces.

Remain aware of quantities

Choose shop fittings that allow the ideal amount of merchandise to be on display. If it is appropriate to create a feeling of scarcity, why not opt for displays that support that concept? There are storage capabilities in some displays, but there are also shelves and units that can create a rather lean aesthetic.

The ADP Store is home to an array of fittings and displays that can support optimal floor plans and layouts, and help you boost sales through the creation of optimized spaces.

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