How to Setup Your Shop Fittings to Get More Sales

When you own a retail store, the presentation is key. If you have a storefront that isn’t nice to look at, it’s less likely that customers will drop in and buy something. When you use the right shop fittings for your store, it will not only be more aesthetically appealing but also can make the shop more functional. With quality sales counters, display systems, and shelving you can create a floor plan that highlights what sets your brand apart and increase sales at the same time.


Appealing Lighting

Having a well-lit retail space will make your space more welcoming and can also be used to highlight specific products. There are several lighting styles that can set your storefront apart. Consider using warm yellow lighting to highlight premium items. New products could be placed near the entrance with a spotlight to convince customers to come inside. The right style here can do a lot to create the right atmosphere for your business.


Versatile Displays

Displaying your products in an appealing way is equally important. While displays may not hold merchandise, they can show off key items to catch the attention of customers. When choosing the right display options, you want something that allows you to place signage, display products in a way appropriate for your store, and take advantage of any space that might be unused. For instance, you could have displays over your racks and shelves to fill in space and bring in customers.


Wall Space Options

You don’t have to display everything on racks. Wall space is also the perfect space to display items if you have the right system in place. Slatwall systems are ideal for this as they display items vertically on the walls, which may be a space that you aren’t already taking advantage of. The best part is that you can adapt these to meet your needs. The systems are light and versatile so you can display one item for a while and then make a chance to display something new.


Appropriate Shelving

There are all sorts of options when it comes to shelving so be sure to do some research. Shelving can come in everything from plastic to wood, bamboo, Lucite, and more. Choosing shelving that fits your store’s atmosphere will make your displays eye-catching and compel people who walk inside to buy something.


At ADP Store Fixtures, we offer all sorts of display systems, clothing racks, shop shelving, display systems, and wire grids to fit your store’s needs. You can learn more by visiting us at

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