How to use Colour in Visual Merchandising Display

In our previous blog articles, we talked about the way colours in visual merchandising displays affect customers, and explained how to choose complementary colour combinations based on different colour wheels. This month, we’d like to focus on how to actually use this information when creating visual merchandising displays in your shop. In other words, which colour schemes should you use, and how should you use them in your displays?

Colours Tell a Story
We’ve talked about how important ‘story’ or ‘theme’ is in visual merchandising displays, whether it’s for your front window or in-store. The colours you choose for the display background and accessories is an incredibly important part of this narrative. Choosing colours which are associated with certain events or ideas is a great way to incorporate themes and emotions into your display. For example, if you’re updating your visual merchandising display for Valentine’s day, reds, pinks and whites should form an essential part of your display. If you’re selling beach towels, the use of blue and yellow in our display will encourage your customers to associate your products with a relaxing day at the beach!  

Colours make your Products Pop!
The use of colour in your visual merchandising displays should highlight your products. If your products are relatively neutral in colour, a bright, simple background colour will help your products to ‘pop’ when they’re on stage! Alternatively, if your products are bold and colourful, neutral background tones will help to direct your customer’s focus to what you’re selling. A great way to draw attention to neutral-coloured products is to display them next to bursts of colour. For example, if your business is linens and manchester, display a neutral bedspread with some bold cushions and throws. Add a bedside table and lamp and your customer will want to buy the whole package!

Can you Ever have too many Colours?
A common difficulty in visual merchandising is figuring out how to display lots of different colours together, in a complementary fashion. The use of too many contrasting tones can sometimes create an overwhelming and chaotic visual merchandising display, detracting attention from the products you are trying to sell. There are two ways to approach this situation! Firstly, you can use nature as your inspiration! Display all of the colours together as a rainbow, in rainbow colour order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. This colour combination really works and is very pleasing to the eye. Secondly, use the beautiful  contrast between dark and light to create a balanced and ordered visual merchandising display. Alternate your dark and light colours throughout the display, grouping ‘like with like’.

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