slatwall and display hooks for stores

How to Use Slat Walls and Display Hooks Effectively

Slatwall and Display Hooks

There are so many different types of display out there and just as many different ways to use them. If you’re looking for a way to get people’s attention, though, you have to find the absolute best way to arrange items in your shop. No matter what type of shop you have or what you’re selling, how you show it off will make all the difference. To capitalize on your real estate, slatwalls and display hooks offer a great choice. Not only do they look great for displaying items, but they also give you more retail space than you’d get with freestanding displays.

To learn more about how to use slat walls and display hooks in your shop, consider the following tips:

1. Take advantage of the different types of hooks available and their various uses

You can find hanging rails, peg hooks, straight hooks, frame hooks, waterfall hangers, and more. Shelves and bins are great but hooks really allow you to highlight items and save real estate at the same time.

2. Speaking of saving space, choose hooks that don’t take over your entire wall

There are a lot of sizes out there to choose from and you should be looking for something that provides the attention that you need without overdoing it. Plus, you don’t want to waste valuable real estate on a hook that might be unnecessary.

3. Don’t go for a full wall of hooks

This can cause your items to get lost and it can look unnecessarily cluttered, which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do. Choose and use hooks sparingly, to highlight items, because that’s the whole point of getting people’s attention with your displays. They must be functional, but they must also be eye-catching. Clutter isn’t appealing to anyone.

4. Make sure that you follow the appropriate user instructions

Buy the hooks that are designed to hold the items that you are trying to display. There is nothing worse than buying the wrong hooks or trying to put something on display only to have it fall because the hooks aren’t designed for what you have in mind.

Slat walls and display hooks give you the chance to free up floor space and still show off a lot of different products in unique ways. Take advantage of that when you are upgrading your shop fittings and considering a renovation of your floor space because the walls can do a lot more than you might realize. With the affordability and variety available, slat walls and hooks for displays are a great choice for any shop.

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