Ingenious Things You Can Do With Shop Fittings

The world has gone mad over DIY, upcycling, repurposing and creative use of just about anything imaginable. This has even spilled over into the world of retail and shop owners are now encouraged to get creative with the way they use shop fittings and shop fixtures.

Naturally, it is helpful to have a full understanding of just what options you will have when buying shop fittings and shop fixtures, and the good news is that there is a diversity of options. Just consider this “short list”:

  • Clothes racks
  • Plank wall systems
  • Metal shelving
  • Display systems
  • POS displays

Now, within that short list of shop fixtures and shop fittings, you might see the ideal solutions for faster and more efficient displays. You choose the racks you need and set them up to allow shoppers to dive into your merchandise. Yet, is that the right fit for your store’s style or message? If you are like millions of other retailers, the answer is not always yes.

In fact, it could be that stock shop fixtures used right “out of the box” are not even a close fit to the aesthetics of your clientele. So, what can you do? Fortunately, the Internet is a wonderful resource for visual hints and suggestions. As a simple example, a wonderfully creative jewellery retailer used a plankwall grooved wall system and old-fashioned clip boards to make an innovative and easy to use display wall for necklaces, broaches and other items.

Another used a blend of slotted display systems to allow for the creation of vignettes. They might alter the configuration of shelves along the slotted channels, and blend children’s jumpers with shelves of accessories and more.

Naturally, shop fittings can also be as easily repurposed to suit the stylistic needs of the retailer. For example, something as basic and easy to use as liquor shelving or supermarket shelving can also be put to use in a modern fashion or shoe store. Basic commercial metal shelving is also a wonderful choice for its affordability, but also for its ability to stand on its own in the centre of a store and provide an endless array of shelving configurations. Whether it is a gift shop with a constant tide of new items or a garden centre with an array of items, using these “islands” of adjustable shop fixtures can be a cost effective, stylish and flexible way to display and even decorate the store.

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