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Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Retail Shelving

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Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Retail Shelving

Though the idea of retail shelving does not seem all that innovative and is certainly more functional than creative, it can often make the difference between return and non-returning customers. Just give a moment’s thought: You enter a store and all of the items are laid out in a very utilitarian manner. It might be an appropriate way for the owner to use shop fitting pieces, but if the items they sell can benefit from more unique use of retail shelving, you may not get the visual stimulus you need.

Even more important, if a shop owner does not use shop fitting in a way that actually facilitates shopping, that too can cause you to choose to never return. So, as a shop owner who does rely on retail shelving, it is going to be of great benefit for you to learn how to use your shop fitting in the most effective and appealing ways.

Give Space to Popularity

A key way in improving retail shopping is to ensure that larger numbers of shoppers can access and see the most popular goods. Island displays using metal or slot shelving can be very effective, but only if shoppers can navigate to and around it. Keep in mind that allotting space to popular goods also ensures you can put enough inventory on display at all times, saving time in restocking, avoiding lost sales and constantly adjusting inventory.


Another way to use your retail shelving in the most innovative ways is to consider how to keep items of a similar nature together. Supermarket shelves are an ideal way to allow similar items to appear together, but that is not the only way to best present goods. Planked wall displays can be useful in grouping clothing and accessories, or even entire ensembles in saleable groupings.

Don’t forget that your use of shop fitting pieces can also facilitate cross and upselling ventures. As an example, displays can be created to group items that may be useful together (fishing gear and tackle boxes, beautiful cake stands sold alongside cake mixes and servers, and so on.

Ease of Use

Remember too that the use of displays can allow you to have projecting shelves at the bottom of a display, and safely place heavier items there rather than above. Avoid breakage, damage or even customer strain by using displays to facilitate much safer browsing.

These are but a few of the ways that your retail shelving and displays can improve outcomes.

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