Make Your Shopfitting Displays Awesome with These Handy Tips

Make Your Shopfitting Displays Awesome with These Handy Tips

In the retail world, shopfitting is just as important as carrying quality products and providing good customer service before, during, and after the sale. With the right shop fittings in Perth, you’ll improve your visual merchandising, giving customers a better idea of which items work best together, what they may need to create a full outfit, and/or where to go for the products they want most. Shop fittings can significantly increase your sales numbers and make your store a welcoming space for your customers. So how can you improve your shop fitting efforts in your store? Follow these handy tips!

Thematic Window Displays

Window displays can do a lot to bring customers into your shop. Displaying this season’s latest products shows customers that you have the styles and items they’re looking for. However, window displays can work against you if you don’t do them correctly.

Consider how effective (or ineffective) a window display would be if it just had a random selection of products hung or otherwise displayed in the front window. Having a thematic display that tells a story is a great way to show customers how different products work together and what you have to offer in your store.

Likewise, you want to make sure that your window’s theme matches the look and feel of your store. If customers see an attractive, vibrant display of a mannequin in a cool outfit that’s perfect for hiking, next to a one-person tent, a high quality sleeping bag, and a few other items, what kind of store do they expect to walk into? They’ll not only want to see the same kinds of products inside, but also the same kinds of displays and the same inviting, healthy, and positive atmosphere.

Use Your Shelf Space Effectively

Shelves aren’t just good spaces to stack or line up items. They provide a combination of storage and display space, where you can draw customers in even more. So, when you use shelves for your shop fittings in Perth, be sure to consider how you can display items on them and what customers will see when they come in and look at these items.

Showcase Your Most Attractive Items

Always remember, whether you’re displaying items on shelves or not, to keep your most attractive and most popular items in plain sight. You don’t want your customers to have to search for those items because they may just assume that you’re out of stock and go somewhere else to find them. If you have several of a popular item hanging from a rack or stacked on a shelf, you may want to create a prominent display that shows off a sample of this product so that your customers know exactly where to go to find it.

This is an especially handy tip of you’ve opted for a stock display, as many shoe stores and other retailers do. You might have a whole shelf of products in boxes, and that’s a very neat and tidy way to give your customers access to different sizes and colours. However, if you want your customers to know that you have those items in stock, you’ll want to have at least one out and on display where they can see it.

These are just a couple of the best shop fitting and visual merchandising tips you can follow to improve your sales this season. For even more help, call your favourite shopfitters in Perth, ADP Store Fixtures, and let us guide you through choosing the best store layout and shop fittings in Perth.

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