Money Saving Tips for Your Shop Fit Out

With so many factors in play, budgeting can be stressful when it comes to shop fittings. Perth has a great number of contractors to choose from, which can make the process seem even more daunting. With a little bit of thought and some careful planning, you can turn your shop fit out into an easy opportunity to save a little bit of money! It all boils down to research, timing, and a little bit of flexibility. We recommend the following steps to start saving.

Seek Out Tender Submissions in Advance

Sure, a contractor can give you a quick quote on shop fittings in a rush. But time truly is money when it comes to tender requests. A little bit of notice can be the difference between a tender based on estimates of recent projects, or one created after careful analysis of your own fit out and all of its specific details. A contractor working off of previous numbers is unable to give a very precise cost projection, which could hurt your final numbers in the long run. Given enough time, you will be able to get exact tenders based on your exact needs instead of their best guess. Each contractor will be able to break down your project into its parts and give you a precise look at exactly what to anticipate spending and where. This bit of extra time is ESSENTIAL when price shopping. With exact tenders coming in, you will be able to easily and accurately choose the contractors that will provide you with the highest quality work for the lowest out of your pocket.

Double Check Your Quote

Once you think you’ve found the best tender for the shop fittings, check and double check their numbers. Take your time reviewing all of the information to ensure that it includes every aspect of your project. Does it include all materials? How much time is budgeted? Is everything accounted for? This extra attention to detail now will save you the surprise of an unexpected expense down the road when you are already invested.

Bring Shopfitters in Early

Aside from saving money with the exact quote, it helps to engage shopfitters in the beginning of the planning stages. Most shopfitters in Perth and the surrounding areas will offer a project management service as a part of their fit out service. Take advantage of this. Bringing them in on the planning stages will help catch any potential errors early, preventing costly snags down the road.

Schedule Fit Out Around Your Peak

A complete fit out generally means closing up shop for a period of time. This undeniably means losing sale time. Minimize the effect this has on your bottom line by choosing to have work done over your least busy times. Provide clients and staff with advance notice so that everyone has the opportunity to schedule around the project, and consider offering an alternate shopping method during this time. This can include directing toward web-based sales.

Choose the Cost Saving Alternative

You have an ideal image in your mind for your visual merchandising plan. Having a goal in mind is important. Being flexible within the parameters of that vision can be the key to saving money and cutting unnecessary costs. Be willing to explore products and materials with a lower price tag to create your intended space. Often times, there is a quality item that can easily be substituted without changing your overall image. This is another instance where it helps to bring in your shopfitters during the planning process, as they will have vast product knowledge and can offer solid suggestions.

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