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How to Optimise Your Retail Displays to Generate More Customers

Optimise Your Retail Displays

When walking into a large department store, you might think that building a floor layout is easy. However, when you own or manage your own store, that idea quickly goes out the window. It can be a real challenge to find a way to display all your merchandise while making it look good and having room for customers to shop comfortably.

There are a few tricks you can use to create great retail displays and ensure your customers have a great shopping experience which we’d like to share.

1. Choose the Right Floor Layout

The layout of your store is the first thing you should consider when it comes to visual merchandising. Consider your store, who visits it, what products you sell, and how you want people to move around the store. This will give you a better idea of the floor layout that is more effective for you.

slatwall design store layout

Smaller stores may want to consider a straight floor layout, free flow floor layout, or loop floor layout. The first option works well with vertical display units, while the middle is great for increasing impulse buys, and the final type lets you mix things up a little bit more.

2. Select Appropriate Fixtures

Once you have a layout chosen, you want to consider what display fixtures are the best option. The ideal choice will look nice while leaving plenty of room for customers to browse. There are a few different systems that tend to work best here if you have limited space available.

Slatwalls are a great option as they can take up space on your walls to display any sort of merchandise you like. The items are showcased vertically which is more likely to draw the eye. By using end cap displays, nesting tables, and cash wrap counters, you can really gain some space and make your establishment look great.

retail displays slatwall

3. Focus on the Lighting

Having the right retail displays are essential, but so is having great lighting. Ambient lighting is the source of most of the light in a shop and should be a moderate brightness. Accent lights can be used to draw attention to the specific merchandise you want to highlight. Decorative lighting can also be used to see the specific mood that you want in your store.

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