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Many companies have found success when it comes to using point of sale displays to market their products. While this type of marketing does have quite a bit of potential, many are not using it to the best of its ability. The following are some tips that will help you to design a display that has the potential to increase the profits it is helping you to earn.

It Needs to Grab the Attention of Customers

Having a display that blends in with the surroundings means you will essentially become invisible when people are checking out. You need to have a design that will attract the attention of the customer. Consider using large fonts that match your branding. Use some contrasting colors or even some strangely shaped displays. It still needs to be easy for the stores to use, but it needs to be something that makes the customers do a doubletake.

Give the Customers a Reason

The display should also give people a reason to pick up the product once they see it. It should feature the benefits of the product, whether it is a cookie or a flashlight. What is it that makes this item special or unique? Why should they buy it? Give them the motivation needed to grab the item and put it in their basket.

Consider Showing the Product in Use

Having images on the display that shows people who are using the product can make it more appealing as well. If you do have photos, make sure the models you use fit the products you are selling and your target audience.

Make It Valuable

One of the other ways you can get some additional attention for the point of sale display is to add a coupon. The coupon could be for the item on the display, or it could be for a future purchase. You might want to consider adding a coupon for a companion item that you also sell. This can lead to even more sales.

Consider Interactivity on the Display

You could also think about adding some type of interactive element to the display. Some of the best methods of this today include the use of QR codes and augmented reality. Depending on the types of items you are selling and your budget, you could also add a video screen or a touch screen display. These can give the customers more information.

This can provide the customer with more ways to interact with the display and they can give you another opportunity to capture the person’s attention, and hopefully the sale. You have plenty of options here, and new choices for interactivity in store displays are becoming available all the time thanks to advances in technology. Make sure to keep an eye on them and use them when possible.

These are some of the best methods of improving your point of sale display. You do not have to use all of them for each of your displays, but you do want to consider some of them so you can improve your sales.

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