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Data Strips

Data strips allow retailers to keep their stock organised, as well as, display vital information about the products easily and cost-effectively.

They are highly durable and flexible. They are a better alternative to adhesive labels that can peel away. With data strips, labels can be easily slipped into the channel on the shelving and changed as needed. We offer data strips for all types of retail applications.

What are Data Strips?

Also known as price holders or pricing strips are plastic strips attached at the front of shelving units. You can easily slide labels into the strips to offer information about the items on the shelf.

Strips come with adhesive on the back so that you can easily attach them to the shelving lip. You can also remove them without leaving any mark on the surface. You can find them in all types of retail shops, including homeware stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, chemists, and clothing shops.

How to Use

You can use them to inform customers about key product information including:

  • You can indicate the price on the label and slide it in front of the shelf instead of labeling each individual item. You can also easily update the price when needed. You can even add per unit or weight pricing.
  • You can place product barcodes on the label.
  • The strip can be used to contain descriptions of the item. Customers can easily read the descriptions to help with their purchase decisions.

Types of Data Strips

  • Angled Strips – They display labels at a slight angle. They are ideal for glass and metal shelving. They are available in 914mm and 1200mm. You can use them on lower shelves to make labels easier to read.
  • Flat Strips – Flat strips are ideal for flat surfaces such as gondola units and metal shelving. They are available in 914mm and 1200mm. We also offer flat strips with talker grip.

If you’d like to know more about our data strips and other shop fittings, contact ADP today. We will be happy to answer your questions. We supply all types of shop fittings to businesses across Australia.

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