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Slatwall displays are one of the most popular shopfitting solutions today. They are durable, user-friendly, and offer various shop display options, with slatwall display hooks vital for any slatwall shelving system. They allow shop owners to display any item, from shirts to kitchenware, and everything in between.

Display hooks come in different sizes and shapes. They can hold various items at a time. Slatwall display hooks are small and lightweight accessories that you can attach to a slatwall shelving system.

The best thing about display hooks is that they can easily slide in and out of the groove of slat panels. They stay in place without the need for nuts, bolts, or screws. You can also move them along the tracks. You can remove them and insert them into another groove.

You display merchandise by hanging them on the hook, placing the hook through the package’s hole, or using a hanger attached to the item.

Types of Slatwall Display Hooks

  • Pegboard Hook Standard Duty – It is made from 3mm wide and available in various lengths ranging from 50mm to 200mm. You can use it to display light to medium-weight items that include clothing accessories and jewelry.
  • Pegboard Hook Heavy Duty – It is much thicker than the standard display hook. It is made from 6mm wire that’s available between 100mm and 300mm.
  • Scanning Hook – It’s a special type of display hook that allows you to attach a price label holder. It is available between 100mm and 400mm.
  • Slatwall Heavy-Duty Prong – It has a heavy-duty wide backplate to allow better weight distribution. You can use it for heavier items, such as tools. It’s available in a variety of lengths between 75mm and 300mm.
  • Slatwall Double Prong Hook – It is like a standard display hook, except it has two prongs. It is available in different lengths, between 100mm and 300mm.

Benefits of Slatwall Display Hooks

There are many advantages to using the display hooks. First, they make the store look organised. They are also easy to use. You can slide them in and out without the need for screwing or drilling.

If you sell various products in different sizes and shapes, you’ll probably need slatwall display hooks. Contact us for all of your slatwall and other display needs.

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