Glass Display Cabinets & Showcases

Glass Display Cabinet Solutions

Are you looking for a glass display cabinet? Are you thinking of installing a counter system for your store? ADP Store Fixtures have modular showcases that you can use together or separately. We can also customise a cabinets based on your requirements and needs.

It is important to choose the right solution for your cabinet based on your needs. Before you buy your display cabinet, make sure you know the dimensions of the floor area and what kind of products you want to display.

What to Consider When Buying A Glass Display Cabinet

At ADP Store Fixtures, we try our best to help you find the right glass display cabinet for your shop. However, it is important that you have a few things in mind before contacting us. This will make it easier for us to assist you with your requirements and ensure you get the right solution for your display needs.

  • Types of glass display cabinets – We offer various display cabinets for retail shops.
  1. Glass cubing cabinets – Choose this type of glass cabinet if you are looking for wall mounted glass displays. They are fully customisable and you can order the glass to size based on your wall area.
  2. Modena showcases – This is a freestanding line of pre-built glass display cabinets. They come in different designs and sizes. You can choose from a standing tower, glass counter, or a mushroom display case.
  • Size – Size does matter when buying glass display cabinets. You might be tempted to buy the biggest one available. However, that is not always advisable. If you are going to use the glass counter for fast moving items or those with a short shelf life, you don’t need to buy a large cabinet. A smaller glass cabinet can save you space and money.
  • Shelving options – We offer cabinets with different shelving styles. Glass shelves allow light to shine through your display. They also increase the visibility of your products.


If you have any questions about our glass display cabinet products, contact us. We will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

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