Coolroom Shelving

At ADP, we have a wide range of shelving and display solutions that are perfect for your shelving needs.

Our coolroom shelving line comes in different lengths. They are made of heavy-duty materials designed for wet area environments and coolrooms. The shelving comes with a depth of 400mm to fit larger cartons.

Coolroom Shelving Built to Last

If you are looking for a coolroom shelving solution that is built to last, we can help. We designed our shelving solutions to keep your products safe and organised.

Our products are suitable in a freezer or refrigerated setting and designed to support appropriate product loads. They are engineered to suit the exact requirements of liquor shops, grocery stores, and other retail shops that need to store large cartons and bottles of liquor.

When it comes to storing drinks and food for human consumption, you must choose a functional and safe system. We use galvanised wire shelf infills to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens in the room.

The galvanised coating protects against corrosion and rust. Also, it makes the shelving solution last longer. At the same time, it protects liquor and food items from contamination. The lift-off wire shelves allow easy cleaning and provide better air circulation. It also reduces dust and moisture accumulation.

Our coolroom shelving bays are easy to assemble. You don’t need special tools to put the shelving bays together. We are also available to assist with the assembling process if required.

Aside from cool rooms and freezers, you can also use our shelving bays in other storage and food preparation areas.

Our coolroom shelving offers fully flexible options. You can adjust the shelves depending on the height of the items you want to store.

Why Choose ADP Store Fixtures?

There are many reasons shop owners, and retailers choose our coolroom shelving bays.

  • Cost-effective. We offer shelving solutions that you can mix and match. Also, we have accessories to help you store more items in the coolroom.
  • Prompt service. We offer fast delivery throughout Australia.
  • Superior Customer Service. Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with our products and services.

Need help with your coolroom shelving? Contact ADP Store Fixtures today!

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