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S-Mart Metal Shelving

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* The S-Mart Commercial range of metal shelving systems is more than another metal shelving system. It is the perfect combination of integrated styling, advanced flexibility and heavy-duty construction. It gives you all of the merchandising functionality for simplified store operation together with a refinement of design that allows your merchandise to shine.

* You will notice the superior strength of the metal shelving system – at ADP, we insist on utilizing higher than industry standard steel thicknesses in the critical components, giving you the assurance of a shelving & shopfitting system that will meet your needs for years to come.

* You get to select from a larger range of components with the S-Mart Commercial metal shelving system – this gives you the flexibility of customizing a unique solution to your needs by utilizing custom components without the development costs.

* Here are some of the industries that are proving the benefits of the S-MART System:
* Pharmacy
* Liquor Stores
* Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
* Newsagents
* Furniture & home Accessories

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