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Slatwall Panels - The Modular Retail Display Solution

Slatwall panels are one of ADP’s best-selling modular display systems. With clean aesthetics and countless configurations, slatwall panels provide a display canvas with over 65  interchangeable slatwall accessories to customise your retail space. 

Slatwall display walls strike the perfect balance between maximising stock availability and space efficiency while minimising clutter and eliminating display complexity. 

ADP Store Fixture’s slatwall panels come in a standard size of 2400mm(W) x 1200mm(H) x 18mm (D), but may be cut to custom sizes to fit your specific retail space requirements. With the ability to scale, you can stack two panels together to form taller display walls or extend the width of displays. 

This modular design allows for an adaptable and customisable display solution. When your slatwall panels are delivered, they will be ready to install, providing a fast and easy solution to enhance your retail environment.

What are Slatwall Panels?

Slatwall panels are a popular and versatile display solution for retail stores. Also known as Slatwall, PlankWall, ZapWall, and SlotWall, ADP’s Slatpanels are manufactured from premium grade 18mm LAMINEX or Polytec MDF, sourced and manufactured from sustainable sources, complete with a durable melamine laminate coating and robust aluminium inserts.

ADP slatwall panels feature precision machined aluminium T inserts with horizontal grooves that are spaced at 100mm centres as standard. We also offer custom groove spacings such as 50mm, 75mm, 150mm, 200mm and custom groove spacings to your specifications. Once fixed onto the store walls, ADP Slatwall Panels can be used with a large variety of accessories such as glass or timber shelves, metal hooks, hang rails, and acrylic bins that easily slip in and out of the grooves without screws or additional attachments.




Our conscious commitment to sustainability

All ADP Slatwall is manufactured in Australia using only Laminex or Polytec brand board. This ensures it meets stringent sustainability outcomes. All ADP slatwall meets the below certifications for sustainability.

Customisable Slatwall Panels

ADP Store Fixtures is one of Australia’s only suppliers with bespoke manufacturing capabilities. We can incorporate custom-coloured slatwall sheets in retail gondola shelving and other custom display concepts. 

With ADP, you can customise your slatwall panels with the following options:

Slatwall displays are suitable for any retail setting, from economical stores to high-end boutiques, and eliminate the requirement for bulky rack and rail displays that take up valuable wall space. Available in multiple colours and designs, these slatwall systems allow you to select one that seamlessly integrates with your store’s decor and ambience.

ADP Slatwall Panels may be used as temporary or permanent slatwalls for hanging and mounting, freestanding double-sided slatwall units, slatwall gondolas, and slatwall display cabinets.

Speak to ADP about our in-house customisation capabilities.

The ADP Difference - Best Slatwalls in Australia

At ADP, we take pride in providing a high-strength display solution for our customers with our milled aluminium T-Extrusion inserts. Unlike cheaper alternatives such as L-Extrusions and inferior plastic T-Extrusions, our aluminium T-Extrusions ensure a superior fixture that reduces the risk of display breakage or collapse. This not only saves you the cost of repairs but also minimises the risk of downtime and/or injury to your staff and customers. If you plan to display heavier items, it is especially important to use our aluminium T-Extrusions. 

Our slatwall panels are precision CNC grooved to strict quality control standards to ensure a top-quality product that meets our standards.

With Australia-wide Delivery and flat rate freight, ADP Store Fixtures consider ourselves slatwall experts. We strive to be your one-stop shop for slatwall fittings of all kinds. When you need something for your display, chances are we have exactly what you need.


Slatwall Accessories

ADP offers a variety of interchangeable slatwall accessories, added and subtracted within minutes. With the ability to easily slide in and out of the grooves without tools, screws or drills, retailers can create many different product displays and change them quickly and easily.

This is ideal for retail businesses with ever-changing product lines or those who like to switch things up regularly. ADP’s range of slatwall accessories includes shelving brackets, slatwall hooks, slatwall shelves, metal hooks, hang rails, and acrylic bins, providing endless options to create a convenient shopping experience for customers. The modular design of these slatwall accessories allows for easy adjustment and reconfiguration of displays as needed, ensuring that your store remains fresh and up-to-date.

ADP supplies the following Slatwall Panel Accessories:

Once installed, ADP supplies aluminium angle and aluminium ‘U’ channel to provide aesthetic end-capping and corner protection as an optional extra for all slatwall panel displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing slatwall panels is a relatively simple process that involves screwing through the extrusion into the support studs of the wall to secure the slatwall in place. The more screws used, the stronger the wall will be. 

Standard slatwall panels have a ‘half’ groove on one long edge. This enables you to easily join slatwall panels vertically with a concealed join. 

To create a seamless display, we recommend using U-channels or aluminium angles on the edge of each panel as capping options. This will ensure that when the panels are placed together with an aluminium insert, no visible join will be present. At ADP Store Fixtures, we ensure that our clients have all the information they need to ensure that installation is compliant, safe, fast and efficient as possible.

In order to ensure safe weight capacity for your slatwall displays, it is important to consider the design of the slatwall, groove size, and type of reinforced inserts used. Typically, a standard 200mm hook used in a reinforced slatwall insert can hold approximately 29.5-31.5 kgs, whereas slatwall without reinforced grooves can only hold about 18.0-20.0 kgs.

These weight limitations vary based on the specific characteristics of the slatwall, so it is essential to carefully consider the intended use of your display and choose the appropriate materials to ensure the safety and longevity of your product displays.

Slatwall is a versatile solution that can be seamlessly integrated into various retail stores, making it a versatile and evergreen solution for sports stores, toy stores, pet stores, beauty supply stores, tobacco and gift shops, convenience stores, liquor stores, bookstores, music stores, art supply stores, showrooms, expos, garden centres, health food stores, supermarkets, department stores, hardware stores, fashion stores, electronic stores, discount stores, newsagents, shoe stores, homeware stores and more.

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