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Slotted Display Systems

* You get to select from the largest range of slotted stripping systems for heavy-duty display and store merchandising.
* Slotted display systems by ADP are designed to provide you with an extremely versatile system that will be easy for your staff to merchandise. They will provide you with the flexibility to allow for constantly changing seasonal merchandise variations.
* Whether you operate a single clothing boutique or a national retail chain, there will be a slotted merchandising system that will meet your needs.
* Only ADP STORE FIXTURES caters to the complete spectrum of available slotted display system configurations. You can select from 25mm pitch, 40mm pitch, 50mm pitch and 60mm pitch, depending on your individual requirements.
* Each system is supported by its own range of accessories and retail shelving to cater for various display techniques.
* Slotted display systems are ideal in the following retail display applications:
– Fashion and clothing shops
– Kitchenware and homeware retail.
– Showroom display.
– Home and office storage.

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