Smart Shelf Management

Smart Shelf Management

Investing in smart shelf management systems is a must if you want to maximise sales. The right shelving solution will present items in the most enticing manner possible.

Organised and fronted categories are vital in any retail environment. Shelf management systems eliminate the need for store staff to address fronting of products manually. As a result, you reduce labour costs.

We offer a wide range of solutions that can be customised to suit any product. Our shelf management systems are easy to install. They also provide flexible setups that can attach to an existing shelf or form part of a fully bespoke solution.

Our Smart Shelf Management Solutions

Our smart shelf management products include:

  • Divider Rails – Placed at the front of the shelf to secure pushers and dividers. They also display the tickets and prices of the products. We offer both front lip and divider rails with data strip options.
  • Shelf Dividers – These items keep the products organised and accessible. Our breakable shelf dividers have snapping points every 25mm for easy adjustment and ultimate flexibility.

Benefits of Shelf Management Systems

Our smart shelf systems offer several benefits:

  • Strategic grouping of products. It is easier for customers to find products when you group them into categories. Also, you can categorise products by brands through shelf dividers.
  • Set boundaries. Shelf dividers can segregate a long shelf into different areas. That way, you can keep all complementary products in a single section. You can also use colour coded labels in front of the rails to indicate brands or product variants.
  • Efficient product management. With a shelf management system, your store will be be easier to keep stocked all the time. If any product category is running low, employees are more likely to notice it right away and restock the shelf.
  • Reduce expenses. Smart product management reduces costs by keeping older stock at the front. That way, you are less likely to have to dispose of expired products.
  • Better merchandising. Improve the shopping experience with smart shelves and a scan strip that is concise and easy to read.

Contact ADP today for more information about smart shelf management systems and other retail solutions.

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