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Stickman Corner Protection & Aluminium Joinery Protection

Our range of aluminum joinery profiles and stickman corner protection is very popular, particularly with the retail sector. This range of products provides vital edge fortification to prevent wear and chipping.

Stickman corner protection products are ideal for shelving, fittings, and furniture in high-use areas such as retail shops, restaurants, health care facilities, and more.

It has advantages over laminated furniture edging and corners, which can damage easily. Chipped edges are also visually unappealing and can result in sharp corners creating a safety hazard for customers.

Using Stickman products eliminates the need for screws and provides a strong bond for shelving profiles and panels.

Stickman Corner Protection Features

There are many reasons why shop owners prefer Stickman solutions for their shelving and fittings. Some key features include:

  • Strong protection – Made from aluminum, it provides edge protection for furniture and joinery. It also prevents chipping and harmful sharp edges.
  • Available in various profiles – Aluminium joinery profiles come in 90, 135, and 180 degrees.
  • Various finishes – They’re available in anodized, powder-coated, and mill finish.
  • Screwless assembly – There’s no need to drill and use screws in the assembly. You can use adhesive for the joinery assembly.
  • On-site assembly – Save on transport costs because you can quickly assemble shelving and furniture on site. It also reduces the risks of damaging the product in transit.
  • Provide structural strength – It provides structural integrity to joinery corners.

We offer various aluminium joinery profiles and the following products:

  • Panel Joiners – Our line includes H Joiner, Stickman Linear, and Panel Joiner solutions.
  • Hang shelf Bracketless Shelf Profile – Our hang shelf extrusions are for 6mm and 16mm shelves
  • Panel Capping – They come in various sizes and finishes, including U Channels, Angle, and Panel Caps.
  • Concealed Panel Fixing – We offer Split Batten to fix heavy items to walls that include joinery, decorative panels, and signs.
  • Stickman Corner Protection – Our Stickman line of corner and extrusion protection products are known for their strength, protected edges, and stylish design.

We also provide slotting cutters for panel joinery solutions.

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