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Split Batten

It is often used to fix heavy items to walls, including signs, joinery, and decorative panels. It is a self-locking aluminium extrusion that allows you to fix wooden battens behind walls.

Our aluminium split batten products are designed to support heavy items, despite their low profile. When interlocked, there will be a minimum gap between the wall surface and the panel. Its design allows for easy installation with a minimal amount of time and labour needed. You can even install our aluminium split batten on uneven wall surfaces.

With its low-profile design, our product minimises the mounting distance from the wall. We offer a very low profile of only 4-6mm (depending on the product you choose). These battens also reduce shadow lines. Aluminium is the ideal material for this product, due to its relative strength and lightweight nature, but also because it has weather-resistant characteristics.

Why Choose Aluminium Split Batten Solutions

Here are some of our benefits of aluminium split batten solutions:

  • An efficient and flexible way of hanging items. You can use split battens to hang boards, wall panels, pictures, cabinets, and other things to walls or other vertical structures.
  • High hanging capacity. Aluminium has a low weight to high-strength ratio that makes it the perfect material for supporting heft objects.
  • Easy to install. We offer split-rail clips that will make it faster to attach 4mm split battens to wall panels.

How Do Split Batten Fixtures Work?

Split battens are installed with the broader part of the extrusion affixed to a surface and its small lip facing upwards. Then you fix the interlocking piece into the item or panel to be hung with the small lip facing downwards. Once you have fixed a batten on the wall and one on the panel, all you need to do is to clip both battens together.

We offer split battens with 4mm and 6mm profiles. The latter is designed to carry heavier loads with pre-drilled holes for easier installation. Our split battens are compatible with the Stickman Wall Fix Series. Using the Wall Fix Profile and Offset Panel Cap will give you the best results.

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