Tube Joining

Tube Joining

Tube joining systems are key to creating customised retail displays. You can use them to showcase various products. Our tube joining system uses interconnecting pipes and connectors to create multiple configurations depending on your display needs.

Our range of tubes and clamps come in a chrome finish that is eye-catching and functional at the same time. They allow you to create unique storage racks and displays that are flexible and efficient.

Our tubes and clamps kits are fully customisable. You can design and create a bespoke garment rack or retail display that will appeal to your customers.

Made of durable material, you can be sure that the tubes and brackets will last for a long time. We recommend tube joining particularly for wardrobes, alcoves, and wall displays.

Types of Tube Joining Kits

We offer two types of tube joining, which include:

  • Joker Tube Displays – Joker Tube systems use 25 mm round chrome tubing. You can choose from various shelf supports, joiners, and other tubing accessories. You can also assemble the display without welding or specialised tools.
  • Primo – The Primo system uses a 25 mm square chrome tube instead of a round one. The kit comes with various corners, fixing plates, and flanges. Just like the Joker Tube System, Primo doesn’t require welding to assemble.

Advantages of our Range

When you use our range of clamps and tubes, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • High-quality finish. The stylish chrome finish provides you with an elegant and modern display.
  • The tube and other parts of the kit are long-lasting and can withstand daily wear-and-tear.
  • You can use the tubing for various applications in a retail setting or at home.
  • Bespoke display. You can create a stand-alone display based on the actual available space.

You can use our Tube Joining Displays for fashion stores, pop-up stores, and even home wardrobes. We ship kits to your site, and you can assemble them in no time. They don’t require welding or metal fabrication. You can cut the tubes to size with a household saw.

Contact ADP today to learn more about our tube joining systems. Our team can help you pick the right components to turn your dream designs into reality.

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