Drakes Cellarbrations Aston Hills

Drakes Cellarbrations Aston Hills is a brand new Liquor Store serving a fast growing region in South Australia.  

Opened as part of a brand new shopping centre anchored by Drakes Supermarkets, the new Cellarbrations Aston Hills Liquor Store provides local residents with a premium Liquor Store experience. 

Working with the team at Drakes Supermarket, ADP Store Fixtures created a Liquor Shelving solution that incorporated customised features to give the store a ‘local’ feel. Adding custom elements to ADP’s Liquor Outrigger Shelving, the client was able to realise their vision while retaining the flexibility and capacity of ADP’s proven S-Mart Liquor Outrigger Shelving System.  

Some of the custom elements incorporated into the fixtures included:

  • Premium Timber Feature End Bays
  • Black Powdercoated Mesh Feature End Bays
  • Premium Timber Trimmings to top of Gondolas

In addition, this store showcases our Mesh Backpanel option for use on ADP’s Liquor Outrigger Shelving System. The Mesh Backpanel option allows store owners to achieve a high level of visibility throughout the store, as well as providing natural light to all shelf levels. 

ADP Store Fixtures’ S-Mart Shelving Systems are stocked in our Australian warehouses. This, combined with our in-house Australian fabrication facilities for custom joinery and metalwork allowed us to deliver this store on a tight deadline, proving a superior solution to overseas alternatives.

The completed store is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with the right fixtures for your Liquor Store.

Get in touch to discuss your next Liquor Store project:

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Client: Aston Hills

Date: April 8, 2024

Project: Liquor Store

Location: South Australia

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