Smokemart & Giftbox

Smokemart & Giftbox is a rapidly expanding tobacco and giftware retailer, with over 120 stores Australia-wide. With a small typical store footprint, Smokemart required a solution that would maximise stock display, and provide flexibility to adapt to each location’s floorplan. 

Understanding the key objectives for our client, ADP Store Fixtures developed a solution that would meet their needs, and allow Smokemart & Giftbox to significantly increase sales per store, and profitability through increased product on display within the existing store footprint.

Previously, Smokemart & Giftbox were using custom manufactured timber slatwall gondolas, which provided limited and inflexible for their requirements.

Our solution incorporated ADP’s S-Mart Retail Shelving System as the base structure. By using the S-Mart system as the core structure, we were immediately able to achieve the following benefits:

– Easily scaled up or down depending on store. 

– Modular system eliminates complex joinery. 

– Proven system with existing space efficiency in design. 

Space Efficiency

With an emphasis on space efficiency and maximising product display, our designers set about analysing ways to eliminate wasted space within the display. As each display is mobile, a challenge was to minimise the usually higher base clearance required for castors. Our solution achieved an overall base shelf height of 100mm, a significant reduction compared to other units.

Often in display units, space is wasted through poor shelf bracket design. We incorporated a flush-mounted glass shelf bracket design that allow 100% display capacity of the shelf below, and can be adjusted at 50mm increments for increased merchandising flexibility.

Inspired Design

The final step of the process was to create a design theme that would enhance the existing store decor’, and provide an attractive backdrop to the range of giftware on display. Warm timber trimmings were incorporated throughout the gondola, along with a customised timber base shelf design. Glass shelves are fitted to minimalist low profile chrome brackets, and all fittings and accessories are finished in chrome.

The result is a stylish and functional unit that perfectly complements the design guidelines of the client, and ensures the range of giftware available is presented to the highest standard.

One Solution – 120+ Stores

No two stores are the same, and with 120+ stores Australia wide Smokemart & Giftbox required a solution that would achieve a consistent design theme and structure but with the flexibility to adapt to many different store sizes and layouts. We presented a consistent gondola solution available in 1 bay (800mm approx.), 2 bay (1500mm approx.) and 3-bay (2100mm) units, each with 90% interchangeable components and the same shelves, fittings and signage as the other units. This solution ensures that when tenancy requirements change, or if a gondola unit is transferred to another store, it can be done with minimum fuss.

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Client: Smokemart

Location: 120 locations, Australia- wide

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