Zenith Music

Just like our client, Slatwall is not new. But in this music store application it totally rocks!

Zenith Music is a Perth music store institution. Established in 1969, many generations of budding and professional musicians have come here and experienced the joy of the large selection of high quality, world renowned musical instrument brands and genuine, friendly service provided by the original family-run team. 

However, although the musical instruments were updated every year with the latest models and trends from the finest instrument manufacturers, the shop remained pretty much as it was at its inception. The building itself was over 100 years old, and in a former life served as a WW2 headquarters for the US Air Force. 

The displays were tired, and offered little in the way of flexibility. This meant that many of the prized instruments remained out-of-sight in one of the hidden passages and storerooms until specifically requested or demonstrated to a potential customer. 

In early 2020, the owners’ engaged their preferred builder and set about on the most significant redevelopment in the building’s long history. 

Once the initial base build was completed, ADP Slatwall was selected for lining all wall areas within the guitar display area. ADP Slatwall is manufactured in Australia, and is made using only premium Australian-made MDF board. It is available in a selection of standard colours, which can be viewed online at the below link: 

ADP Slatwall Panels + Fittings

The Result

The client was absolutely thrilled with their new guitar wall display, created using ADP Slatwall. Here are a few key points:

100% Guitar Display Capability

With every wall lined with slatwall, every wall is selling guitars. It’s that simple. From the doorways to the corners to the columns, slatwall is a cost-effective and attractive solution for getting the most out of every available wall space. 

100% Adjustment

Slatwall is ideal for guitar displays, and other musical instruments. There are so many different sizes and variants, which is why it is important to have complete adjustment. With slatwall, you have complete control over the display of your musical instruments. Pack them in tight and demonstrate your large range, or separate them to highlight a particular product or range. With ADP Slatwall, this is all 100% achievable. 

400% More Space Efficient!

In one example, the client previously had 8 guitars displayed in a wall mounted cabinet. Now, in that same area there are 32 guitars – all displayed perfectly to be admired by prospective clients. Get your musical instruments out of the storeroom, and on display like they should be!

Inspired Design

The Beech finish ADP Slatwall provides the right backdrop for the range of guitars on display. Not too dark, and not stark and plain – it also complements the heritage feature of the 100+ year old building. 


Note: The Slatwall Guitar Hangers are the String Swing product (not supplied by ADP). String Swing products are designed with specialist coatings that are designed to protect the guitars coating without any adverse reactions. For more information go to stringswing.com


Get In Touch

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Client: Zenith Music

Date: March 1, 2020

Location: Perth, Australia

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