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Saving Space in a Small Retail Space

More than 50% of consumers decide whether or not to purchase something when at a retail space location. This makes it crucial to have an efficient environment that is clean and uncluttered. If your store is already on the small side, it can be challenging to decide what to do in order to make the shop feel more streamlined and relaxing. We have a few tips that will help you through the process.


You may want to place as many retail shelving units as possible and stack them to the skies, but this is actually a bad idea. When your store comes off as crowded or messy, people are less likely to step inside. You need to have space around your displays, so people can focus and feel relaxed in the store. You don’t want too much empty space, but you don’t want people climbing over products to get to other items.

Keep Things Clean

It’s probably not surprising that customers may choose to avoid a business because it looks dirty from the outside. While that means cleaning your windows might be an excellent idea, it goes far beyond that. It means keeping your bathrooms cleaned, sweeping under your slatwall fittings, and making sure retail space customers should never see are spotless. You can find a service to handle this for you or take it on yourself with your team.

Display Types

You can use endcaps like every other business out there, but less traditional retail shelving might turn eyes in a positive way. Add some colour and think creatively so everyone who sees the store knows who you are and what you stand for. You’ll need to consider your brand and what is behind it to do this in the best way.

Change Your Lighting

If you haven’t switched out your lights in a while, simply replacing the bulbs can give a crisper white light that people appreciate. This type of light makes it easier to look over your slatwall fittings and tables to determine what you have for purchase. You could even try some coloured or LED lights if those fit the style of your brand.

The Power Wall

Even in a small shop, converting one wall into a buyer’s paradise can go a long way. You can make sure to feature your hottest selling items and latest fashions somewhere they cannot be ignored. This wall should be front and centre when customers step inside.

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