Shop Fitter Trends for 2016

If your clients are the butter of your business, then your shop fittings are the bread – the base upon which everything must be built in order to keep up with the competition and move your business forward. In a world increasingly reliant upon online purchasing and burdened by short attention spans, it’s crucial that you consider the most current options for bringing your shop fittings in Perth into line with modern consumer demand.

One of the most effective ways to improve your position in your field and increase your consumer base is to stay abreast of shop fitter trends for 2016. It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of these are technology related. It’s a digital world, and this fact is swiftly carrying over into the retail industry, including among shop fitters in Perth.

Bricks and Clicks

Also known as clicks and bricks, or click and mortar, this business strategy is a virtual necessity in today’s connected world. Despite past predictions of doom and gloom, more than 92% of retail sales still take place in a face-to-face environment. However – and yes, there is a caveat – with the prevalence of conveniences like apps and digital coupons, the integration of website and physical site is a requisite if you hope to maintain customer retention.

Bricks and clicks can mean anything from simply providing a website where potential buyers can browse your inventory before heading in to your store, to facilitating online purchase with easy in-person pickup. Regardless of how far you take it, going omnichannel is quickly moving away from the “optional strategies” category.

Cloud-Based POS

This concept is possibly one of the most exciting advances in technology in terms of creating a user-friendly experience for your customers. Typically tablet-based, this shop fitter trend allows you to do anything from track inventory and loyalty information to provide your customers with a way to purchase from anywhere in the store. Some systems even allow you to sync transactions that happened during internet downtime, later on when the connection comes back online. As shop fittings in Perth go, the tablet POS may be one of the keenest choices.


These GPS transmitters of sorts connect with your shop app in the customer’s mobile device as they move within a certain distance of your location. What does this uber-futuristic shopfittings trend do for you? You can use it to instantaneously transmit info to your customers about sales, products they may be interested in, and make personalised deal offers. You can also use it to streamline checkout, increasing your appeal to the general public.


Even these old mainstays are receiving an update by shop fitters in Perth and beyond. Plain white faceless mannequins are out, detailed display dummies with character-packed heads and faces are in. Not only do these more complex mannequins create a more personalised connection with consumers, they also give you more versatility as far as adding accessories or even makeup to the traditional clothing worn by the advertising tools. This movement highlights the vital importance of visual merchandising.

Higher Ceilings

Retailers across Australia are incorporating ceiling elevation into their fit outs. The raised roofs create the illusion of grandeur, improving not only the feel of the environment but the acoustics as well. What this shop fitting trend does is induce a more carefree feeling among shoppers, which tends to lead to more time spent in the store, and in turn, more spending.

When it comes time for you to look into shop fittings in Perth, keeping an eye toward what’s coming down the pike in shop design trends can help you better plan for the future and create the right environment for your business.

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