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The 5 Best Shop Fittings for Liquor Stores

Best Shop Fittings for your Liquor Store

While there are similarities between operating a liquor store and operating other types of stores, there are some differences, as well. Most of the products in liquor stores, such as bottles, are heavy but fragile. Some items are very expensive and need to be safeguarded. Store owners and managers need to be sure they are choosing the right shop fittings for their liquor store. Below are five of the top shop fittings for use in these stores.

Wire Shelving Units

Various types of wire shelving units could be helpful to the liquor store. These types of units can hold a range of different types of products that might be sold at the liquor store, mainly alcohol products. These systems will often have optional castors. These can be added to the shelving units to ensure they are easy to move to a different location in the store.

Gondola Shelving Bays

Gondola shelving bays are high-quality, durable shelving systems that will provide a substantial amount of retail space with a relatively small footprint. These bays are available in black and white, so finding a solution that will fit the look of the liquor store should be easy. Additionally, there are different sizes available. These are a good solution for liquor stores because their systems can handle a lot of weight.

Data Strips/Pricing Strips

To easily indicate the product price, barcode, deals, etc. data strips are a good solution. There are various types of data strips including flat and angled strips that can be used on the shelves. The use of these strips makes it easier for retailers to ensure their products are organized and displayed properly in the right locations. They are better than adhesive labels, which can peel away and leave unwanted marks.

Wine Displays

There are many types of wine displays available, including circular displays. These have the advantage of providing space for a large number of wine bottles while taking up little space in the store.

Coolroom Shelving

Another fitting that might be beneficial to a liquor store is coolroom shelving bays. These shelves could be used in any part of the store. They are especially helpful for those who may have a backroom that is refrigerated and where they keep certain products chilled.

These are some of the best liquor store fittings available today. When outfitting your own store, make sure you consider the size of your store and the type of atmosphere you want to evoke for the customers. It will help you understand what type of shop fittings you should get for your space.

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