Supermarket Psychology for Your Store’s Entrances, Layout, and Shelving

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about visual merchandising just by taking a walk through your local supermarket. Though you may not pay much conscious attention to it, there’s a reason that nearly every supermarket you walk into has a very similar layout.

That’s because the entrance, layout, and shelving strategies that shopfitters in Perth use to design supermarkets are specifically designed to make customers feel a certain way. Using psychological cues, the store’s design guides you inside along a certain path so that you not only purchase the things on your list but so that you’re also exposed to other items that you might have forgotten about or that you might not even have known about before.

The Psychology of Entrances

You’ll notice that a lot of supermarkets have separate entrances and exits. Some have a gate that actually closes behind you so that you can’t turn back once you’ve entered. Yes, you could just walk over to the exit, but that takes more effort. Essentially, they’ve opened the door to the store for you, but then they’ve closed it behind you so that you have to actually interact with the store in some way before you leave again.

This kind of entrance only works to keep shoppers in and create a relationship with the store if they have something to look forward to, though. If the store didn’t have inviting displays and shop fittings, Perth customers would be turned off and would soon start shopping somewhere else – somewhere that makes them feel welcome, not trapped.

That’s why so many stores put their fresh produce right up front. All of those brightly coloured, fresh fruits and vegetables make you feel healthy and energized when you eat them, and there shop fittings are created to make them look inviting and welcoming as you enter the store.

Imagine a supermarket where the first thing you saw upon entering was a display of toilet paper or cleaning products. Those things remind you of the dull details of keeping house. They make you think of chores like cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, not cooking healthy and delicious meals with your family. See how the choice to put fruits and vegetables right up front affects how customers feel as they walk into the market?

Aisle Layouts Draw Shoppers In

Of course, the entrance and the produce section aren’t the only things that shopfitters in Perth consider as they work on the layout of a supermarket. With so many online health “experts” talking about how you need to only shop around the perimeter of the supermarket to stay healthy, these shop fittings are designed to draw customers into the centre of the store and down each aisle.

Why? The more items and brands shoppers are exposed to, the more products they’ll buy. There’s a reason that the pasta is almost always on the same aisle as the pasta sauce but not right next to it. The layout and shelving techniques in play here bring shoppers into the aisle and then draw them further in.

Another good example is coffee. People love and need their coffee, and shopfitters in Perth know that, so they don’t put the coffee on the end of the aisle where customers can pick it up as they fly by. Instead, they place it in the middle of the aisle, where they’ll have more chance of engaging with other products on the way to the coffee.

These are just a few of the strategies and shop fittings that can sway customers to have a more positive experience while purchasing more items. Contact us at ADP Store Fixtures today for more information on how the best shopfitters in Perth can help your business grow and thrive.

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