Sustainable Shop Fittings: Our Guide to Going Green

As it becomes more and more apparent that human activities are having an impact on the natural world, businesses and organisations must take it upon themselves to protect the environment. That can be done in any number of ways.

You could become involved in clean-up or outreach projects within your local area. You could sponsor sustainability or “green” initiatives, and more. However, for retailers, one of the most important considerations is making sure that your operation is as green as possible. Sustainable shop fittings allow you to do just that.

What Are Sustainable Shop Fittings?

When you buy shop fittings that are sustainably made, you’ll be investing in the tools and solutions you need to organise and merchandise your store to attract customers, but doing so with products that benefit the environment. These fall into a number of different categories.

Recycled Material: You can buy shop fittings that are made with a specific amount of post-consumer waste. Plastic, metal and paper are the three most common materials here. By using these sorts of sustainable shop fittings, you help limit the amount of waste that ends up in landfills each year, plus you reduce the demand for raw materials. Some of these materials can be recycled almost limitlessly.

Renewable Raw Materials: Another way to go green within your retail business is to purchase shop fittings made from renewable raw materials. This may mean eschewing plastic, or metal coated plastic in favor of wood or even bamboo fittings. Both wood and bamboo can be harvested, replanted, and then harvested again and again over time, providing a truly renewable resource that ensures both environmental protection and good stewardship of our planet.

How to Choose Sustainable Shop Fittings?

Choosing the right sustainable shop fittings is important. You don’t want to buy shop fittings that don’t fit your shop’s aesthetic. Look for fittings that are tailored to the look and feel that you’re trying to evoke. For instance, you could combine recycled glass shelving with sleek bamboo to create a modern look and feel.

Unsealed timber can be used to create a more rustic, rugged or outdoor feel. You can even use timber with the bark still in place (but sealed to prevent it from peeling off) to create a direct connection with the outdoors and the natural world.

Beyond Sustainable Shop Fittings

Going green in your retail business requires that you do more than just invest in sustainable shop fittings. You’ll need to consider other things, such as energy efficient lighting (LED or CFL lights are currently the best options on the market). If you’re in the pre-construction phase, make sure you think about the sustainability of your flooring, and other building materials, as well. Finally, consider ditching a paper-based POS system and going all digital, instead.

In the end, going green within your retail business is not difficult, but it does require some planning up front. Sustainable shop fittings, energy efficient lighting, and sustainable building materials all help reduce your shop’s environmental impact.

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